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THE SHADOWS(1961)01. Shadoogie 02. Blue Star 03. Nivram 04. Baby In My Heart 05. See You In My Drums 06. All My Sorrows 07. Stand Up And Say That! 08. Gonzales 09. Find Me A Golden Street 10. Theme From A Filleted Place 11. That's My Desire 12. My Resistance Is Low 13. Sleepwalk 14. Big Boy

OUT OF THE SHADOWS(1962)01. The Rumble 02. The Bandit 03. Cosy 04. 1861 05. Perfidia 06. Little 'B' 07. Bo Diddley 08. South Of The Border 09. Spring Is Nearly Here 10. Are They All Like You? 11. Tales Of A Raggy Tramline 12. Some Are Lonely 13. Kinda Cool

GREATEST HITS (1963)01. Apache 02. Man Of Mystery 03. The Stranger 04. F.B.I. 05. Midnight 06. The Frightened City 07. Kon-Tiki 08. Thirty-Six-Twenty-Four-Thirty-Six 09. The Savage 10. Peace Pipe 11. Wonderful Land 12. Stars Fell On Stockton 13. Guitar Tango 14. The Boys 15. Dance On

DANCE WITH THE SHADOWS (1964)01. Chattanooga Choo Choo 02. Blue Shadows 03. Fandango04. Tonight 05. That's The Way It Goes 06. Big "B" 07. In The Mood 08. The Lonely Bull 09. Dakota 10. French Dressing 11. The High And The Mighty 12. Don' It Make You Feel Good 13. Zambesti 14. Temptation

THE SOUND OF THE SHADOWS (1965)01. Brazil02. The Lost City03. The Little Bitty Tear04. Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me05. Bossa Roo06. Five Hundred Miles07. Cotton Pickin'08. Deep Purple09. Santa Ana10. The Windjammer 11. Dean's Theme12. Breakthru'13. Let It Be Me14. National Provincial Samba

MORE HITS (1965)01. Foot Tapper02. Atlantis03. Shindig04. Theme For Young Lovers05. Geronimo06. Shazam07. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt08. Genie With The Light Brown Lamp09. Mary-Anne10. Stingray11. Rhythm And Greens12. Don't Make My Baby Blue13. The Lute Number14. The Drum Number

SHADOW MUSIC(1966)01. I Only Want To Be With You02. Fourth Street03. The Magic Doll04. Stay Around05. Maid Marion's Theme06. Benno-San07. Don't Stop Now08. In The Past09. Fly Me To The Moon10. Now That You're Gone11. One Way To Love12. Razzmataz13. A Sigh (Un Sospero)14. March To Drina

JIGSAW(1967)01. Jigsaw02. Tennessee Waltz03. Prelude In E Major04. Cathy's Clown05. Stardust06. Semi Detached Surburban Mr. James07. Trains And Boats And Planes08. Friday On My Mind09. Winchester Cathedral10. Waiting For Rosie11. Chelsea Boot12. Mara Elena13. With A Hmm - Hmm On My Knee14. Green Eyes

FROM HANK, BRUCE, BRIAN... (1967)01. Snap, Crackle And How's Your...02. Evening Glow03. A Thing Of Beauty04. Naughty Nippon Nights05. The Wild Roses0. San Francisco07. The Letter08. The Tokaido Line09. Holy Cow10. Alentejo11. Last Train To Clarksville12. Let Me Take You There13. The Day I Met Marie14. A Better Man Than I

LIVE IN JAPAN(1969)01. Shazam02. Dance On03. Nivram04. Apache05. Exodus06. Foot Tapper07. Little Bitty Tear08. Putting On The Style09. Slaughter On 10th Avenue10. Don't Malke My Baby Blue11. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt12. Somewhere13. Little 'B'14. F.B.I.

SHADES OF ROCK(1970)01. Proud Mary02. My Babe03. Lucille04. Johnny B. Goode05. Paperback Writer06. Satisfaction07. Bony Moronie08. Get Back09. Something10. River Deep Mountain High11. Memphis12. What'd I Say

MARVIN, WELCH & FARRAR(1971)01. You're Burning Bridges02. A Thousand Conversations03. Brownie Kentucky04. My Home Train05. Silvery Rain06. Throw Down A Line07. Baby I'm Calling You08. Faithful09. Mistress Fate And Father Time10. Take Her Away11. Wish You Were Here12. Mr. Sun

SECOND OPTION(1972)01. Black Eyes02. Tiny Robin03. Simplify Your Head04. Ronnie05. Far Away Falling06. Let's Say Goodbye07. Lonesome Mole08. Thank Heavens I've Got You09. Lady of the Morning10. The Time to Care11. Come Back to Nature12. All Day, All Night Blues

MARVIN & FARRAR(1973)01. So Hard To Live With 02. Music Makes My Day 03. Skin Deep 04. If I Rewrote Yesterdays 05. Galadriel (Spirit Of Starlight) 06. Love Oh Love 07. Help Me Onto Your Wagon 08. Small And Lonely Light 09. You Never Can Tell 10. Nobody Cares 11. Lord How It's Hurting

ROCKING WITH CURLY LEADS(1973)01. Pinball Wizard/See Me Feel Me 02. Years Away 03. Humbucker 04. Deep Roots 05. Jungle Jam 06. Gracie 07. Good Vibrations 08. Turn Around And Touch Me 09. Wide Mouthed Frog 10. Rockin' With Curly Leads 11. Gutbucket 12. Jumpin' Jack Input

SPECS APPEAL(1975)01. God Only Knows02. Cool Clear Air03. Rose, Rose04. This House Runs On Sunshine05. Colorado Songbird06. No, No, Nina07. Honorable Puff Puff08. Don't Throw It All Away09. Spider Juice10. Let Me Be The One11. Like Strangers12. Stand Up Like A Man

LIVE AT THE PARIS OLYMPIA(1975)01. Shazam02. Man Of Mystery03. Lady Of The Morning04. Shadoogie05. Guitar Tango06. Faithful07. Tiny Robin08. Honourable Puff-Puff09. Sleepwalk10. Marmaduke11. Foot Tapper12. Apache13. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel...14. Dance On15. Lonesome Mole16. Nivram17. Turn Around And Touch Me18. Musik Makes My Day19. The Frightened City20. Little “B”21. Blue Sweat S./Rip It Up/Lucille22. Somewhere23. Let Me Be The One24. Wonderful Land25. F.B.I.

20 GOLDEN GREATS(1977)01. Apache02. Man Of Mystery03. The Frightened City04. Guitar Tango05. Kon-tiki06. Foot Tapper07. Genie With The Light Brown Lamp08. The Warlord09. A Place In The Sun10. Atlantis11. Wonderful Land12. Fbi13. The Savage14. Geronimo15. Shindig16. Stingray17. Theme For Young Lovers18. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt19. Maroc 720. Dance On

TASTY(1977)01. Chricket Bat Boogie02. Return To The Alamo03. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road04. Another Night05. Honky Tonk Woman06. Montezuma´s Revenge07. Walk Don't Run08. Superstar09. Bermuda Triangle10. The Most Beautiful Girl11. Creole Nights

STRING OF HITS(1979)01. Riders In The Sky02. Parisienne Walkways03. Classical Gas04. Theme From 'the Deerhunter'05. Bridge Over Troubled Water06. You're The One That I Want07. Heart Of Glass08. Don't Cry For Me Argentina09. Song For Duke10. Bright Eyes11. Rodrigo's Guitar12. Baker Street

ANOTHER STRING OF HITS(1980)01. Black Is Black02. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road03. River Deep, Mountain High04. Midnight Cowboy05. Pinball Wizard06. God Only Knows07. Stardust08. Walk Don't Run09. The Most Beautiful Girl10. Good Vibrations11. Something12. Superstar13. Trains And Boats And Planes14. Honky Tonk Woman

CHANGE OF ADRESS(1980)01. Mozart Forte02. Midnight Creepin'03. Change Of Address04. Just The Way You Are05. Indigo06. Arty's Party07. Outdigo08. Hello Mr. W.A.M.09. Temptation (1980)10. Albatross11. If You Leave Me Now12. Equinoxe (Part V)

HITS RIGHT UP YOUR STREET(1981)01. Telstar02. Chi Mai03. We Don't Talk Anymore04. Imagine/woman05. Hats Off To Wally06. One Day I'll Fly Away07. Summer Love '5908. Misty09. This Ole House10. The Winner Takes It All11. Sailing12. Thing-me-jig13. More Than I Can Say14. Cowboy Cafe15. The Third Man16. Nut Rocker

LIVE IN THE JUNGLE(1982)01. Life In The Jungle02. High Noon03. The Theme From Missing04. Treat Me Nice05. Cat 'n' Mouse06. Chariots Of Fire07. No Dancing!08. Riders Of The Range09. The Old Romantics10. You Rescue Me11. Lili Marlene12. Raunchy

LIVE AT ABBEY ROAD(1982)01. Theme From The Third Man02. Thing-me-jig03. Runaway04. All I Have To Do Is Dream05. It Doesn't Matter Any More06. Johnny 'b' Goode07. Over In A Flash08. Summer Love '5909. Oh! Boy10. Crying In The Rain11. Arty's Party

GUARDIAN ANGEL(1984)01. How Do I Love Thee02. Hammerhead03. The Saturday Western04. Look Back On Love 05. Jonny Staccato06. I Will Return07. Guardian Angel08. Can't Play Your Game09. On A Night Like This10. Turning Point11. Our Albert

MOONLIGHT SHADOWS(1986)01. Every Breath You Take02. Hello03. The Power Of Love04. Hey Jude05. Against All Odds06. Memory07. Dancing In The Dark08. Whiter Shade Of Pale09. Moonlight Shadow10. Three Tmes A Lady11. Sailing12. I Just Called To Say I Love You13. I Know Him So Well14. Nights In White Satin15. Imagine/woman16. Walk Of Life

SIMPLY SHADOWS(1987)01. Apache02. Guitar Tango03. Mary Anne04. Bridge Over Troubled Waters05. Parisienne Walkways06. Don't Cry For Me Argentina07. The War Lord08. Black Is Black09. Back Home10. It's Been A Blue Day11. You're The One That I Want12. Don't Make My Baby Blue13. Shazam14. Genie With The Light Brown...15. Les Girls16. Theme For Young Lovers17. Walk Don't Run18. The Dreams I Dream

STEPPIN´TO THE SHADOWS(1989)01. You Win Again 02. I Wanna Dance With Somebody 03. He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother 04. Candle In The Wind 05. Farewell My Lovely 06. Mountains Of The Moon 07. Nothing's Gonna Change My Love... 08. Heaven Is A Place On Earth 09. When The Going Gets Tough 10. Alone 11. All I Ask Of You 12. Stack-It 13. Shoba 14. You Keep Me Hangin On 15. Some People 16. One Moment In Time

AT THEIR VERY BEST(1989)01. Apache02. Man of Mystery03. Shindig04. Wonderful Land05. Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt06. Theme from The Deer Hunter07. Boys08. Frightened City09. Theme from Young Lovers10. Dance On11. Savage12. F.B.I.13. Guitar Tango14. Genie with the Light Brown Lamp15. Atlantis16. Foot Tapper17. Don't Cry for Me Argentina18. Kon-Tiki19. Geronimo20. Stranger

REFLECTIONS(1990)01. Eye Of The Tiger02. Crockett's Theme03. Right Here Waiting04. Every Little Thing She Does Is...05. Sealed With A Kiss06. Uptown Girl07. Strawberry Fields Forever08. Riders In The Sky09. Flashdance... What A Feeling10. Something's Gotten Hold Of My...11. Love Changes Everything12. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now13. Bilitis14. You'll Never Walk Alone15. Shadowmix16. Always On My Mind

LIFE STORY(2004)01. Apache02. Man Of Mystery03. Shadoogie '8304. Shindig05. Wonderful Land06. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt07. The Boys08. Theme From The Deer Hunter09. The Frightened City10. Theme For Young Lovers11. Dance On12. The Savage13. Albatross14. F.B.I.15. Guitar Tango16. Genie With The Light Brown Lamp17. Atlantis18. Foot Tapper19. Don't Cry For Me Argentina20. Kon-Tiki21. Telstar22. The Third Man23. Geronimo24. Equinoxe (Part V)25. The Stranger26. Riders In The Sky27. Mountains Of The Moon28. Moonlight Shadow29. You Win Again30. Memory (from 'Cats')31. I Guess That's Why They Call It...32. Thing-Me-Jig33. Life Story34. Johnny Stacatto35. Summer Love 5936. Turning Point37. This Old House38. Chariots of Fire39. Crockett's Theme40. Midnight Creepin'41. Going Home 42. Every Breath You Take43. Africa44. Walk of Life45. Dancing In The Dark

THE FINAL TOUR(2004)01. Apache Intro 02. Riders In The Sky 03. The Frightened City 04. Theme For Young Lovers 05. Peace Pipe 06. The Savage 07. Let Me Be The One 08. The Stranger 09. Kon-Tiki 10. Going Home 11. Dance On 12. Nivram 13. Lady Of The Morning 14. My Home Town 15. Guitar Tango 16. Geronimo 17. Sleepwalk 18. 36-24-36 19. Shazam 20. Dont Cry For Me Argentina 21. Equinoxe V 22. Mountains Of The Moon 23. Shadogie 24. Gonzales 25. Dont Make My Baby Blue 26. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt 27. Atlantis 28. Shinding 29. Man Of Mysery 30. Foot Tapper 31. Please Dont Tease 32. In The Country 33. I Could Easily Fall 34. the Day I Met Marie 35. Gee Whiz Its You 36. Summer Holiday 37. Barchelor Boy 38. Little B 39. Theme From The Deer Hunter40. Wonderful Land 41. FBI 42. Apache

XXV(1983)01. Africa02. Going Home 03. Up Where We Belong04. You Don't Have To Say You...05. The Modern Way06. Diamonds07. Time Is Tight08. Memory09. Liverpool Days10. Queen Of Hearts11. A Whiter Shade Of Pale

THE SHADOWS on Stage: Bruce Welch, Tony Meehan, Cliff Richard und Hank Marvin

Brian Bennett und Eddie Cochran (1960)

Gene Vincent, Brian Locking und Brian Bennett (1960)

Marty Wilde, Brian Locking und Brian Bennett (1960)

Shirley Bassey und Cliff Richard (1960)

Connie Francis und Cliff Richard (1959)

Norrie Paramor und Cliff Richard (1959)

The Shadows und Brenda Lee (Poll Winners Concert 1962)

THE SHADOWS 1962 bis 1963: Brian Locking, Bruce Welch, Hank Marvin und Brian Bennett.

Brian Bennett und Hank Marvin mit Begleitung. Filmpremiere "The Young Ones" im Dominion Theater (1962)

The Shadows und Joan Regan (1960)

Bruce Welch, Brian Bennett, L. G. Wood und Joe Henderson (1963)

Poll Winners Concert(Wembley 1963)

L. G. Wood (Manager EMI Records) und Cliff Richard (1961)

Joan Regan, Cliiff Richard und Lonnie Donegan (1962)

Cliff Richard mit seinerMutter (1958)

Studioarbeit: Bruce Welch, Brian Bennett, Cliff Richard, Malcolm Addey, Brian Locking, Hank Marvin, Peter Gormley, Norrie Paramor (1961)

Cliff Richard, Marion Ryan und Marty Wilde (1959)

Cliff und die Shadows mit Max Bygraves (1961)

Jim Burns und Hank Marvin (1963)

THE SHADOWS 1963 bis 1970: John Rostill, Hank Marvin,Brian Bennett und Bruce Welch

Billy Cotton und die Shadows in der BBC (Shepherds Bush Empire 1961)

Cliff Richard´s 21st Birthday Party in den EMI Studios (1961)

Cliff und die Shadows mit Frank Ifield (1961)

Jet Harris und Tony Meehan (1958)

The Shadows und Helen Shapiro (1960)

THE SHADOWS 1961 bis 1962: Hank Marvin, Brian Bennett, Jet Harris und Bruce Welch.

The Shadows Discographie

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