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Les Paul und Bo Winberg im Iridium New York (1989)

Bo Winberg: Kein anderer Musiker hat seine Band so oft neu formiert wie der schwedische Ausnahmegitarrist

Bo Winberg und Hank Marvin in Göteborg (Radiointerview 2000)

Hank Marvin, Blonker (Dieter Geike) und Bo Winberg in Hamburg (Audimax 1980)

THE SPOTNICKS IN LONDON(1962)01. Orange Blossom Special02. Happy Henrik's Polka 03. Old Man River (v) 04. Nightcap 05. The Spotnicks Theme 06. Highflying Scotsman07. Moonshot 08. Rocket Man 09. Dark Eyes 10. My Old Kentucky Home (v) 11. No Yaga Daga Blues 12. Thundernest 13. Amapola 14. I'm Going Home (v)CD-Bonus-Tracks: 15. The Old Spinning Wheel 16. Hava Nagila 17. Midnight Special (v)18. Hey Good Looking (v) 19. Ghostriders In The Sky 20. Home On The Range (v)

THE SPOTNICKS IN PARIS(1963)01. Just Listen To My Heart02. Joey's Song03. Old Faithful 04. Say Mama (v) 05. Last Date 06. Last Space Train 07. Hot Toddy08. Pony Express 09. Western Guitar10. Skintops Blues11. Blue Blue Day (v) 12. Happy Guitar13. Comme Ci, Comme Ca14. Trambone CD-Bonus-Tracks:15. My Bonnie (v)16. Johnny Guitar17. Old Clock At Home18. Endless Walk19. What Did I Say (v) 20. Galloping Guitars

The Spotnicks Discographie

DEVENEZ SOLISTE (1963)01. The Spotnicks Theme (Alternativ)02. The Spotnicks Theme (Playback*)03. Western Guitar04. Western Guitar05. Galloping Guitars (Alternativ)06. Galloping Guitars (Playback*)07. Last Space Train08. Last Space Train (Playback*)09. Happy Guitar10. Happy Guitar (Playback*)11. Comme Ci, Comme Ca12. Comme Ci, Comme Ca (Playback*)CD-Bonus-Tracks: 13. Say Mama (v) 14. Say Mama (Playback**)15. Blue Blue Day (v)16. Blue Blue Day (Playback**)Playback-Version ohne Solo-Gitarre *Playback-Version ohne Gesang **

THE SPOTNICKS IN SPAIN(1964)01. La Rosita02. Space Party03. Pick A Bale Of Cotton (v)04. Drina05. Windy And Warm06. Lonesome Old House (v)07. Valentina 08. Space Ship Rendezvous09. Bach Goes To Sea10. San Antonio Rose11. Woe Is Me (v)12. Anna13. Tijuana Jail (v)14. Hang OnCD-Bonus-Tracks:15. She She Little Sheila (v) 16. Spanish Gypsy Dance17. Git It (v)18. Habanera19. Deep In The Heart of Texas (v)20. Be Bop A Lula (v)

THE SPOTNICKS IN STOCKHOLM(1964)01. Sentimental Journey (v) 02. Cape Kennedy 03. Hootenanny Express (v)04. Low Man On A Totem Pole05. Sabeline (v)06. Please Say Yes (v)07. Papa Ooh Mow Mow (v)08. Who Cares (v)09. Boing Meets Girls 10. Endless Sleep (v)11. Take Us To Your Leader12. I Know A Secret (v) CD-Bonus-Tracks:13. If You Wanna Be Happy14. Susanna15. La Route16. Swedish Polka Pig17. Bye Bye Birdie18. Shine (v)19. Buttons And Bows20. Pense A Moi

THE SPOTNICKS IN BERLIN(1964)01. I got a baby (v)02. Blues Stay Away From Me (v)03. Shamus O'Toole04. Just A Dream (v)05. Divided City06. Dr. Feelgood (v) 07. Namenlos08. Funny Mae (v)09. Ku'Damm Promenade10. Memphis Tennessee (v) 11. Touch Me12. Walking Back To Happiness 13. Karelia 14. All Right (v)15. Your Cheating Heart (v)16. My Babe (v) CD-Bonus-Tracks:17. Cumberland Gap (v)18. Dang Me (v) 19. Great Balls Of Fire (v)20. Blues Stay Away From Me (v)(Alternative Version)

AT HOME IN GOTHENBURG(1965)01. In The Mood02. I'm Coming Home (v)03. Space Walk04. You Can Go To Him (v)05. Busted 06. I'll Never Get You (v)07. How Can You Leave Me (v)08. One Has My Name (v)09. Big Jump10. I'm Around (v)11. I'll Remember You12. Walk Right In (v) CD-Bonus-Tracks:13. Lovesick Blues14. I've Lost You (v)15. Alabamy Bound 16. Take Five17. Space Creatures18. Big Boss Man (v)19. Bye Bye Blues

THE SPOTNICKS IN TOKYO(1966)01. Autumn In Japan02. Memory Of Summer03. Look Up To The Evening Star04. Drum Diddley05. The Old Love Letters06. Piercing The Unknown07. Playboy's Bunny Hop08. Crying In A Storm09. From Russia With Love10. Happy Silence11. Ode To Dawn12. The Lonesome Port13. HuskyCD-Bonus-Tracks:14. Sentimental Guitar15. Recado16. Mood of Asia

AROUND THE WORLD(1966)01. Sentimental Guitar02. Recado03. Geisha Girl (v) 04. Uska Dara05. Worrying Kind (v)06. Mood Of Asia07. Subject In Orbit08. Casting My Spell (v)09. Green Eyes 10. Hongkong Blues (v) 11. Turista12. What Now My Love (v)13. Steel Guitar Rag 14. Plättlaggen

IN WINTERLAND(1966)01. White Christmas 02. Jingle Bells03. Winterland (v)04. Parade Of The Woodden...05. I Saw Mama Kissing Santa... (v)06. Auld Lang Syne07. Sleigh Ride08. Winter Wonderland09. Here Comes Santa Claus (v)10. Rudolf The Rednosed Reindeer11. Frosty The Snowman (v)12. Silent Night

LIVE IN JAPAN(1967)01. The Spotnicks Theme02. Last Space Train03. Johnny Guitar04. Happy Silence (v) 05. When The Saints Go Marching... (v)06. Crying In A Storm07. Karelia08. Hey Good Looking (v) 09. Memory Of Summer10. Over And Over (v)11. Wabash Cannan Ball12. What Did I Say (v)13. Hava Nagila14. Look Up To The Evening Star

THE SPOTNICKS IN ACAPULCO(1967)01. Little Things (v)02. Tinta Verde03. Come On Home (v)04. Suspician05. A Mi Manera (v) 06. La Pachava07. Extasy (v) 08. If You Got A Heart (v)09. Wham 10. Louisiana Man (v) 11. El Toro Bravo 12. No La Hagas Sufrir (v) 13. Moscow 14. You Just Can't Quit (v).

IN THE GROOVE(1968)01. Enchanted Elusive (v)02. Stay Cool (v)03. You Left Me So Alone (v)04. Because I Am A... (v)05. Querida (v)06. Walk On (v) 07. You Don't Have To Be... (v)08. Do It (v) 09. Once And Again (v)10. Every Day, Every Night (v)11. I'm Gonna Make You... (v) 12. Now Is The Time (v)

BY REQUEST(1968)01. Break My Mind (v)02. Sea Of Heartbreak (v)03. I'm Coming Home, Baby 04. I Can't Stop Loving You (v)05. Oh Lonesome Me (v) 06. Sleepwalk07. All Of Me (v)08. Take This Hammer (v) 09. Tennessee Waltz 10. It Hurts Me (v)11. You Can Have Her (v) 12. Eleanor Rigby

BACK IN THE RACE(1971)01. Wildwood Flower 02. Back In The Race (v)03. Pussy Wiggle Stomp 04. Everybody's Talking (v) 05. Lodi 06. Gone, Gone, Gone (v)07. Te Dans Med Karlstatöserna08. Puti Puti (v) 09. Diamonds 10. Muddy Mississippi Line (v)11. Soulful Strut (v) 12. For What It's Worth (v)

AME NO BALLAD(1971)01. Ame No Ballad02. Watashi No Jokamachi03. Ame No Hi No Blues04. Nagasaki Kara Fune Ni Notte 05. Aozora Wa Shiranai 06. Biwako Shuko No Uta07. Sayonara O Mo Ichido08. Juana Sai 09. Omoide No Nagasaki 10. Polyshko Polye11. Moeru Koibito12. Wasurenagusa O Anatani

SOMETHING LIKE COUNTRY(1972)01. If You Could Read My Mind02. Jolie Blonde 03. The Ipcress File04. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright 05. You Ain't Going Nowhere06. Mexican Whistler07. Norwegian Wood 08. Living In The Country09. Last Date '7110. The Real McCoy11. Tennessee Stud12. Tokins (v)

TODAY(1973)01. Mr. Bojangles02. Spanish Lady03. Garden Party04. Hambo Om Bakfoten05. Hey Jude06. If I Were A Carpenter07. Theme From 'The Persuaders' 08. Jämtländsk Brudmarsch09. Windmills Of Your Mind 10. You Made My Life A Song 11. The Lad Song12. Speak Softly Love

HITS OF JAPANESE TUNES(1973)01. Niji O Watatte 02. Kyo No Niwake Ame03. Sayonara O Surutame Ni 04. Yogisha No Onna05. Do Ni Mo Tomaranai 06. Honmaki Meruhen 07. Theme From 'Godfather' 08. Yogisha09. Tekkyo O Wataru To Namida 10. Kekkon Shiyo Yo11. Kitaguni Yukide12. Wakare No Asa

LIVE IN BERLIN 74(1974)01. Theme For A Few Dollars More02. Jessica03. What's Going On (v)04. Hava Nagila05. Sylvia06. If You Could Read My Mind07. Hernandos Hideaway08. Holiday Hotel (v)09. Diamonds10. Tinta Verde11. Long Train Running (v) 12. Wildwood Flower

FEELINGS(1976)01. Feelings02. Exodus 03. West Virginia (v) 04. Requiem For A Love05. Disco Freak06. Norbert 07. O Coco08. New Tokaido Line (v) 09. Helmer's Brauerei 10. Goodbye Boogie Guitar11. Yaksoba 12. Thirteen Questions (v)

CHARTTOPPERS(1977)01. Telstar02. Israeli Dance (Hava Nagila) 03. Petite Fleur04. Happy Guitar05. Old Faithful 06. Orange Blossom Special 07. Johnny Guitar 08. The Rocket Man09. The Spotnicks Theme10. Amapola11. Pony Express 12. Karelia13. Moonshot 14. Drina15. Goofus 16. Last Space Train

THE GREAT SNOWMAN(1978)01. Don't Tell Me Your Troubles (v) 02. Telstar03. Freight Train04. My Baby Left Me (v)05. Harmour Love 06. Hey Good Looking (v)07. Scotland The Brave08. Amapola09. Colours (v) 10. Classical Gas 11. The Great Snowman 12.. Verde13. Hello, Mary-Lou (v)14. Dardanella

NEVER TRUST ROBOTS(1978)01. Never Trust Robots02. Amazing Stories03. Close Discussions Of The Third...04. A World Of Spotnicks05. Ultimate Planet06. THX 31250 07. Six Strange Worlds 08. You're Never Alone.

SATURDAY NIGHT MUSIC(1979)01. Hoots Moon02. Kansas City (v) 03. Take Me To The Mardi Gras04. Det Söta Lilla Fönstret (v) 05. Nadja's Theme06. Blowing In The Wind (v)07. Pharmacy Street 08. Dett Sått Sa Skönt '62 (v)09. You've Got Your Troubles10. Cado Queen (v)11. Saturday Night Shuffle12. Jambalaya (v) 13. Regntunga Skyar14. Clap For The Wolfman (v)

PINK LADY(1979)01. Toumei Ningen02. Southpaw03. Lady X04. Nagisa No Sindbad05. Nigero Ojosan 06. Monster07. Wanted 08. S.O.S. 09. Carmen '7710. Pepper Keibu11. Pink No Ringo12. U.F.O.

20TH ANNIVERSARY(1980)01. Spooky Boogie02. Papa Oom Mow Mow (v)03. Vaya Con Dios 04. Fabian Melodiy05. Brand new day (v) 06. Japan Knees07. Theme From 'Soap' 08. Sweet Little Lisa (v) 09. For No One10. Dock Of The Bay11. What A Night For Love (v) 12. Space Salad

WE DON´T WANNA(1982)01. More Than I Can Say02. I'm A Trucking Cowboy (v) 03. C'est La Vie04. Noise From The Attic05. Sugarfoot Rag06. We Don't Play Amapola... (v)07. Theme From The Pink Yard 08. Oh, Lonesome Me (v)09. Johnny Blue 10. Ghostriders In The Sky11. Heartstrings12. Manchurian Beat

THE SPOTNICKS IN TIME(1986)01. Memories Are Made Of This02. A Touch Of 'A' 03. Form & Filur04. La Diligense05. Three O'Clock Click06. Horga Melody07. Theme From 'Simon & Simon' 08. Kapote 09. Little Gee10. Nas Onih11. Tomilla12. The Last Wreck

IN THE MIDDLE(1983)01. Drop Me In The Middle Of Universe (v)02. Time Is Tight 03. Still The One (v)04. Boat On The River05. My Love Will Never Change (v) 06. Space Truck07. Spanish Eyes08. Don't Stop (v)09. Gina Lola Breakdown 10. Help Me Make It Through The Night (v)11. Sign Radio12. No Such Luck (v)

HAPPY GUITAR(1987)01. Happy Guitar02. Love Is Blue 03. Amazing Grace04. Misty05. Blue Bayou06. The Entertainer 07. Love Me Tender08. Vuffeli Vov09. Another You10. A Handful Of Songs11. Nikita12. Greensleeves13. One Way Ticket14. It's Over15. Way Down Yonder

16 GOLDEN WORLD HITS(1988)01. Mona Lisa02. I'm Confessin' 03. Simon & Garfunkel Medley04. Don't Be Cruel 05. Sealed With A Kiss06. Song Sung Blue 07. I Can't Stop Loving You 08. Get Back09. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do10. I'd Love You To Want Me 11. La Paloma12. Dr. Zhivago Theme13. Theme From 'Love Story' 14. A Man And A Woman15. Pink Panther Theme16. Here, There, And Everywhere

TRACKS(1995)01. Midnight Blue 02. My Guitar03. Waiting For A Train04. Red Sails In The Sunset 05. I'm Gonna Take You Home 06. Spariver 07. A.A.08. Stardust 09. Kentucky My Old Home10. Summertime11. Bye Bye Love 12. Who Can Sail 13. If You Could Read My Mind14. As Time Goes By

HIGHWAY BOOGIE(1985)01. Highway Boogie02. Lost Properties03. Could It Be Love (v)04. Mighty Bump05. Love Is A Symphony06. Truckdriver's Dream (v) 07. Just Another Boy (v) 08. Dolly H.09. Delightful Morning10. Let It Roll, Roll, Roll (v)11. Besame Mucho CD-Bonus-Tracks:12. Form & Filur 13. A Touch Of 'A' 14. Memories Are Made Of This15. La Diligense16. Three O'Clock Click 17. Nas Onih

THE REAL AMAPOLA(2011)01. The Real Amapola02. It Had To Be You03. Runaway Train04. Caravan05. Locomotion06. Johansson07. Puttin` On The Ritz08. The Breeze And I09. Moliendo Cafe´10. Three Little Words11. Charade12. Tango Persienne13. Sweet Georgia Brown14. Oh Wilbur15. Kentaboo Shuffle

STILL ON TOUR(2006)01. Jessica (2006)02. Summertime Blues (v)03. Quizas, Quizas, Quizas04. Turista 05. Give Me A Kisss (v)06. Patricia07. Pick A Bale Of Cotton (2006) (v)08. Animal Medley09. Liza Jane (v) 10. Wagon Train11. Dougie Boogie (v) 12. Brazil13. Sweet dreams (v) 14. C Jam Blues

LIVE 1999(1999)01. Ghostriders In The Sky02. Just Listen To My Heart03. Tumble Weeds04. Pony Express05. Midnight Special (v)06. If You Could Read My Mind07. Hang On08. Jambalaya (v)09. Sleepwalk10. Moonshot 11. Orange Blossom Special12. Sweet Little Lisa (v) 13. The Old Spinning Wheel Studio Recordings:14. Fernando15. Country Boy

BACK TO THE ROOTS(2003)01. Ghostriders In The Sky02. Hot Toddy03. Avah Ginala (Hava Nagila)04. Old Faithful05. Highway Boogie06. Johnny Guitar07. Diamonds08. I’ll Remember You09. Sleepwalk10. Moonshot11. Wabash Cannon Ball12. Karelia 13. Busted 14. Space Walk 15. The Old Spinning Wheel 16. Memories Are Made Of This17. Last Date 18. In The Mood19. Tinta Verde 20. Spanish Gypsy Dance21. The Spotnicks’ Theme22. Amapola23. Big Jump24. Moonshot SpecialBonus-Tracks - Playbacks:25. Ghostriders In The Sky26. Last Date27. Amapola

ON THE OTHER SIDE(2002)01. The Other Side Of The Moon02. Alltid Pa Väg (v)03. Ain’t Nobody Home04. Det Var Längesen jag... (v)05. Theme For Lizzie06. Ingen Är Som Ann (v) 07. Dile Que La Quiero 08. Gitarren I Himlen (v)09. Cielito Lindo10. Falling Like A Rock11. September Song

BO WINBERG # 1(1993)01. Ten O'Clock Postman02. How Could I Live Without You03. Kissing In The Moonlight04. The Way You Are05. What's The Colour Of Love06. It Started With A Love Affair07. Helicopter 08. Oh Susie09. My Summer With You 10. And They Played Our Song11. Gonna Find My Angel 12. Who's Gonna Follow You Home CD-Bonus-Track:13. Some Day

UNLIMITED(1989)01. Hand In Hand02. Wilhelm Tell03. Blues in 'A' Minor04. Hoot Owl 05. 40 Miles Of Bad Road06. Reversed Boogie 07. Goodnight Irene 08. Harry Lime Theme09. We're Back Again (v) 10. Wabash Blues11. Space Communication 12. Chattanooga Choo Choo 13. The Hittenön Dance14. Some Of These Days 15. Kötött 16. Last Date '88CD-Bonus-Tracks:17. Coimbra18. Wavin' Dreams.

LOVE IS BLUE(1986)01. Why 02. Blue Bayou 03. It Was A Sunny Day04. Love Me Tender05. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans06. Nikita07. The Entertainer08. Misty09. The Breeze And I10. Amazing Grace11. Loving You 12. Greensleeves13. Happy Guitar14. Albatross15. Love Is Blue16. It's Over

THE SPOTNICKS 1997(1997)01. The Rocket Man02. Just Listen To My Heart03. Moonshot04. Karelia05. Ghostriders In The Sky 06. Johnny Guitar 07. Amapola 08. Last Date09. Highway Boogie10. Old Faithful11. Cape Kennedy12. Walking Back To Happiness13. The Old Spinning Wheel14. Hava Nagila15. Lovesick Blues 16. The Spotnicks Theme.

MASTERS OF GUITAR(1987)01. Way Down Yonder In New...02. Nightshift03. The Entertainer04. Amazing Grace 05. Blue Bayou 06. Nikita07. It Was A Sunny Day08. Why09. The Breeze And I10. Albatross11. Misty12. Love Is Blue13. It's Over14. Loving You 15. Only Love16. Greensleeves 17. Love Me Tender

ROMANTIC TOUCH(1987)01. Blue Bayou02. Nikita03. Misty04. It's Over05. Albatross06. Nightshift 07. The Entertainer08. Amazing Grace 09. The Breeze And I 10. Greensleeves11. Why12. It Was A Sunny Day 13. Love Me Tender 14. Love Is Blue15. Another You 16. Way Down Yonder

LIVE IN BERLIN 74 (VOL.2)(1988)01. For a Few dollars more (altern.)02. Wichita Lineman 03. Hey Good Looking (v)04. Hava Nagila05. Sylvia06. Diamonds 07. Last Date08. Long Train Running (v) (altern.)09. Wildwood Flower10. Mooonshot 11. Johnny Guitar12. If You Could Read My... (altern.) 13. AmapolaAdditional CD-tracks:14. Tinta Verde (live) 15. White Christmas16. Jingle Bells17. Winterland (v) 18. Parade Of The Woodden...19. I Saw Mama Kissing Santa... (v) 20. Auld Lang Syne

40 VOCALS(2007)01. Hey Good Looking (1962)02. What Did I Say (1962)03. Be Bop A Lula (1963)04. Pick A Bale Of Cotton (1963)05. Blue Blue Day (1963)06. Just A Dream (1964)07. Deep In The Heart ... (1963)08. Midnight Special (1963)09. Say Mama (1963)00. Your Cheating Heart (1964)11. I'm Going Home (1962)12. Who Cares (1964)13. Great Balls Of Fire (1964)14. I've Lost You (1965)15. I'll Never Get You (1965)16. I'm Coming Home (1965)17. How Can You Leave... (1965)18. One Has My Name (1965)19. Hong Kong Blues (1966)20. Take A Letter Maria (1970) * 21. All Right (1964)22. Blues Stay Away From... (1964)23. I Minnet Av Dig (1970) **24. Doctor Feelgood (1964)25. She She Little Sheila (1963)26. Endless Sleep (1964)27. I Gotta Baby (1964)28. You Can Go To Him (1965)29. Big Boss Man (1964)30. Ol' Man River (1962)31. Tijuana Jail (1963)32. Git It (1963)33. I'm Around (1965)34. Happy Silence (1966) ***35. Crazy 'bout My Baby (1970)36. Memphis Tennessee (1964)37. The Worryin' Kind (1966)38. Could It Be Love (1985)39. Lonely Woman (2007) *40. For What It's... (1969) **** Not previous released * Swedish lyrics "Gentle On My Mind" **Studio version, Japanese lyrics *** Not previous released ****(8 minutes long version)

THE SPOTNICKS (BUCH)(2004)01. Be Bop A Lula02. There'll Never Be Anyone... (The Rebels)03. The Spotnicks Theme04. Johnny Guitar05. Just Listen To My Heart06. Plättlaggen07. Avah Ginala (Havah Nagila)08. Amapola09. Papa Oom Mow Mow10. Last Date. (Lerdala, Gröna Lund 1967)11. Happy Silence12. Tinta Verde (Sveriges Radio 1968)13. The Spotnicks Theme14. Interview15. Ol' Man River16. Interview17. Orange Blossom Special18. Interview (Sveriges Radio 1972)19. Ghostriders In The Sky20. Time Is Tight21. Gina Lola Breakdown22. Last Date (Sveriges Radio 1984)23. Sa Skimrande Var Aldrig... (Studio Bohus in Kungälv ´87)24. "Musikreport" (Sveriges Radio 1998)25. Silent Night26. Interview27. Parade Of The Wooden... (Sveriges Radio 2000)

Studioarbeit: Hier ist Bo in seinem Element

The Spotnicks 1982 bis 1984

Die Spotnicks feiern ihr 25. Jubiläum mit einer einstündigen Fernsehshow (1983)

The Spotnicks: Bo, Tommy, Björn und Bob bestritten1998 eine umjubelte Japan-Tournee

Tour-Notizen von Bo Winberg(Autobahnraststätte)

Für die CD "TRACKS" nahmen Bo Winberg und Albert Lee gemeinsam die Titel "Kentucky My Old Home", "Red Sails In The Sunset" und "Bye Bye Love" auf. Das Foto zeigt die beiden Freunde auf Alberts Anwesen in Californien (1992)

Bob Lander, Mats Bengtsson, Arne Österlindh, Alf Brink, Ove Lindell und Bo Winberg (1988)

Bo vor dem Casaleon in Berlin (1983)

Bosse ist privat immer für einen Scherz zu haben und nimmt sich dabei auch gern mal selbst auf den Arm

Seine große Leidenschaftneben der Musik: Motorboote

Bo Winberg in Brüssel(1983)

Juri Wiik im Studio(1983)

Bo Winberg und die Technik!

Jimmie Nicol und Peter Winsnes (1983)

Bo WINBERG (1985)


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