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The Ventures Discographie


01. Return of the Jedi / 02. Columbia / 03. Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind 04. Gemini / 05. Star Trek / 06. Telstar / 07. Also Sprach / 08. Skylab09. Star Wars / 10. Journey to the Stars / 11. Apollo 11 / 12. Sea and Love

STAR SINGLE1983 / U.S. RELEASE01. Out Of Limits (Dance Mix)02. Telstar (Radio Mix)03. Telstar (Dance Mix) 04. Out Of Limits (Radio Mix)

ORANGE SISTERS 1984 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Hot Rod City 02. Artificial Angel 03. Golden Memories 04. Have a Dry Martini 05. Farewell Party 06. Lonely Afternoon 07. My Lovely Boy 08. Tears and Lipstick 09. Letter from America 10. Holiday 11. Summer Holiday 12. Season for Lovers

COMPACT VENTURES1987 / U.S. RELEASE01. Stars on Guitars (Medley) 02. Runaway 03. Dance On 04. Johnny Angel 05. Hey Paula 06. It's My Party 07. Lipstick on Your Collar 08. Rhythm of the Rain 09. Save the Last Dance for Me 10. Magic Night 11. Comin' Home 12. One Way Ticket 13. Whittier Boulevard 14. Showdown in Newport 15. Penetration 16. Surfin' and Spyin' 17. Goldfinger

RADICAL GUITARS1987 / U.S. RELEASE01. Ginza Ska02. Pike03. Ride On Try04. Washington Square05. Movin'06. Le Dernier Train07. Two Thousand Pound Bee08. Mushuku09. Bumble Bee10. Theme From No Smoking11. Three, Three & Nine Times12. Somewhere Over The Rainbow13. Nutty14. California Dreamin'

GREATEST HITS1988 / HOLLAND RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run02. Hawaii Five-003. Slaughter on 10th Avenue04. Dr. No05. Diamond Head06. Diamonds Are Forever07. Goldfinger08. From Russia with Love09. Bond Street10. Apache11. Somewhere Over the Rainbow12. Caravan13. Joy14. Another Dawn15. Bandolero16. Thunderball17. Pipeline

ALL TIME GREATEST HITS1989 / U.S. RELEASE01. Walk, Don't Run 02. Perfidia 03. Hawaii Five-O 04. Summer Place05. Secret Agent Man 06. Lolita Ya-Ya 07. Wipe Out 08. Slaughter on 10th Avenue 09. Diamond Head 10. Ram Bunk-Shush 11. Blue Moon 12. Lullaby of the Leaves

TRY IT1989 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Try It02. Walk, Don't Run

THE BEST OF THE VENTURES1990 / U.S. RELEASE01. Walk, Don't Run 02. No Trespassing 03. Perfidia 04. Ram Bunk-Shush 05. Lullaby of the Leaves 06. Yellow Jacket 07. Driving Guitars 08. Road Runner 09. Twisted 10. Spudnik (Surf Rider) 11. Night Drive 12. The 2,000 Pound Bee - 1&2 13. The Savage 14. Moon Child 15. Journey to the Stars 16. Fugitive 17. Walk, Don't Run '64 18. Pedal Pusher 19. Slaughter on 10th Avenue 20. Diamond Head 21. Action Plus 22. Dick Tracy 23. Flight of Fantasy 24. Underground Fire 25. Hawaii Five-O 26. Ventures Interview 27. "Twist Party" Radio Spot 28. "Underground Fire" Radio Spot 29. "Hawaii Five-O" Radio Spot

LIVE IN JAPAN ´901990 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Miss Brand New Day02. Penetration03. Reflections In A Palace Lake04. Ventures Medley05. Wipe-Out06. Paint It Black07. Ginza Lights08. Caravan09. Hawaii Five-010. Pipeline11. Seaside Story12. Apache13. Hokkaido Skies14. Kyoto Doll15. The House Of The Rising Sun16. Diamond Head17. Ellie My Love18. Manchurian Beat19. Stars On Guitars20. Slaughter On 10th Avenue21. Walk, Don't Run '6422. Stranger In Midosuji23. Furi Furi '6524. TelstarBonus:25. Blue Chateau 26. Classical Gas27. Yozora-No-Hoshi

PLAY SOUTHERN ALL STARS1990 / JAPANESE RELEASE 01. Furi Furi '6502. Miss Brand New Day03. The Night Club04. Seaside Story05. Shiori's Theme06. C-Chow Kotoba Ni Goyojin07. Omoi Sugoshi Mo Koi No Uchi08. Ellie My Love09. Don't Blame On Me10. Sinbad

PLAY SEASIDE STORY1991 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Fruit Of Summer02. Surfside Dream03. Truth04. Seychelles05. The Lady Wants to Know06. What You Won't Do for Love07. Breezin'08. Fragrance of Thrill09. Love Storm10. We're All Alone11. Fall in Love12. If We Hold on Together

PLAY MAJOR PICTURE THEMES1991 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Unchanged Melody02. Axel F / Miami Vice Theme03. Stand By Me04. St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)05. Ghostbusters06. What A Wonderful World07. Oh Pretty Woman08. The Gremlins Rag09. One10. Never Ending Story11. Chariots Of Fire12. Arthur's Theme

THE RARITIES1991 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. The Real McCoy (1st)02. The Real McCoy (2nd)03. Cookies And Coke (1st)04. Cookies And Coke (2nd)05. The McCoy (single)06. Blue Moon (mono)07. Instant Mashed (single)08. Lucille (single)09. The Ninth Wave (single)10. Tarantela (from Brazilian EP)11. The Chase12. Night Run (The Marksmen)13. Scratch (The Marksmen)14. Adventures In Paradise 15. Candy Apple Racer16. Rap City (single)17. Green Hornet Theme18. Apache

MEMORIES OF LOVE1991 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Memories of Love02. Kyoto Doll

SAY YES1992 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Say Yes02. Boku Wa Kono Me De Uso O Tsuku03. Hajimari Wa Itsumo Ame04. Taiyo To Hokori No Naka De05. Do Ya Do06. Love Song07. Kobito Wa Wine Iro08. Romancing Yard09. Morning Moon10. Moon Light Blues

FLYIN´ HIGH1992 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Flashback02. After Midnight In Shinjuku03. Strawberry Brandy04. Cartoon05. Follow Your Heart06. Cruisin' Machine07. September Sunrise08. Two On The Beach09. Snows Of Nagano10. Shonan Shores11. Memories Of Love

MELODY HITS IN JAPAN1992 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Memories Of Love 02. Ginza Lights03. Hokkaido Skies 04. Kyoto Doll 05. Reflections In A Palace Lake 06. Nagasaki Memories 07. Stranger In Midosuji 08. Memories Of Love 09. Ginza Lights 10. Hokkaido Skies 11. Kyoto Doll 12. Reflections In A Palace Lake 13. Nagasaki Memories 14. Stranger In Midosuji

BEL AGE WITH THE VENTURES1992 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Speeding Through Space02. Victoria Station 03. Hollywood Punk 04. Midnight Lights 05. Blue Dawn 06. Don't Say Goodbye

BEL AGE (01)1992 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Victoria Station 02. Blue Dawn 03. Victoria Station (Karaoke)04. Blue Dawn (Karaoke)

BEL AGE (02)1992 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Midnight Lights (Roppongi Story) 02. Don't Say Goodbye03. Midnight Lights (Karaoke)04. Don't Say Goodbye (Karaoke)

BEL AGE (03)1992 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Speeding Through Space 02. Hollywood Punk 03. Speeding Through... (Karoke)04. Hollywood Punk (Karaoke)

´93 IN JAPAN1993 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Opening02. The Cruel Sea03. Hollywood Punk04. Telstar05. Secrec Agent Man06. Flashback07. Member Introduction08. Nagasaki Memories09. Reflections In A Palace Lake10. Classical Gas11. Kyoto Doll12. Paint It Black13. The Sun Also Rises14. Penetration15. Walk, Don't Run '6416. Wipe-Out17. Ventures-Medley18. Yozora No Hoshi19. My Bonnie Lies20. Bridge Ano Hashi O Watarutoki21. Slaughter On 10th Avenue22. Strangers In Midosuji 23. Ginza Lights24. House Of The Rising Sun25. Hawaii Five-026. Diamond Head/Pipeline27. Caravan

PLAY MEGA HITS1993 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Kimi Ga Irudakede02. Yah Yah Yah03. Bridge04. Kimi Ga Koyayoki Tsukukeru...05. No No Darlin'06. The Sun Also Rises07. Namida No Kiss08. Haretara Ilne09. Two on the Beach10. Shonan Shores11. Memories of Love

SURFNG1995 / U.S. RELEASE01. Pipeline02. Ninth Wave03. Hawaii Five-004. Perfidia05. Walk Don't Run06. Walk Don't Run '6407. Lonely Bull08. Let's Go09. Sukiyaki10. Cruisin' Machine11. Diamonds12. Windy & Warm13. Ten Over14. Surf Rider15. Changing Tides16. Bulldog17. Showdown at Newport 18. Surfin' and Spyin' 19. Moon Over Manakoora20. Torquay21, Party in Laguna22. Barefoot Venture23. The Heavies24. Cruncher25. The Lonely Sea26. Flashback (live '93) 27. Yozora No Hoshi (live '93) 28. Secret Agent Man (live '93) 29. Penetration (live '93) 30. Don't Blame on Me

POPS A LA CARTE1995 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Miserlou02. Innocent World03. Haru Yo Koi (Wishing for Spring)04. Gambarimashou (Don't Give Up)05. Miss You06. Kiss Me07. Kanpai (Cheers!)08. Stardust09. Maria Elena10. Romance no Kamisa11. Yurera Omoi (Swaying Heart)S12. eiten O Homerunara13. I Love You14. Have You Ever Seen the Rain?15. Mary Jane on My Mind

CARAVAN1995 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Caravan02. Miserlou03. Stand by Me

TELE VENTURES1996 / U.S. RELEASE01. Hawaii Five-0 02. Secret Agent Man 03. Blue Star 05. 04. Blue Star (Theme from Medic) 06. Twilight Zone 07. Man from U.N.C.L.E. 08. Dick Tracy 09. Get Smart 10. Batman Theme 11. No Matter What Shape 12. Action 13. Green Hornet Theme 14. Mission: Impossible 15. Star Trek 16. Storefront Lawyers 17. Medical Center 18. Police Story 19. "M*A*S*H" 20. On the Road (Alka Seltzer ad) 21. Streets of San Francisco 22. Police Woman 23. Beretta's Theme 24. Charlie's Angel 25. The Young and the Restless 26. Starsky & Hutch 27. S.W.A.T.

HAKUBA1996 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Spool Paradise 02. Flashback03. Ich bin der glücklichste Mensch

SURF ON GUITAR ´961996 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Surf on Guitar (Let's Go mix)02. Surf on Guitar (Shirai mix)03. Surf on Guitar (Karaoke mix)

WILD AGAIN1996 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Baja02. Wham03. Beethoven Five-Oh!04. Quiet Village06. Teen Beat07. James Bond Theme08. Midnight in Moscow09. Exodus10. Happy Organ11. Quicksilver12. Ajoen, Ajoen13. Petite Fleur14. Rock Concerto in A Minor15. Bongo Rock16. A Walk in the Black Forest17. Ich bin der glücklichste Mensch 18. Lonely Surfer

WILD AGAIN1997 / U.S. RELEASE01. Baja02. Wham03. Beethoven Five-Oh!04. Quiet Village05. Teen Beat06. James Bond Theme07. Midnight in Moscow08. Exodus09. Happy Organ10. Quicksilver11. Ajoen, Ajoen12. Petite Fleur13. Rock Concerto in A Minor14. Bongo Rock15. The Lonely Surfer16. Wipeout (live '93)*17. Caravan (live '93)*18. Surf on Guitar '96 (Medley)*19. Surf on Guitar '96 (Ryomei Shirai Mix)*20. Interview with The Ventures*

WILD AGAIN II1997 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Hurricane02. Drums A GoGo03. Bombora04. Calhoun Surf05. Banzai Pipeline06. Web Surfin'07. Time Is Tight09. 08. Stop the Music10. Spanish Armada11. I Fought the Law12. Hideaway13. Cry for a Shadow14. Blue Dawn15. Peter Gunn

MEL TAYLOR MEMORIAL1997 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Walk, Don't Run-Medley (live)02. Gandy Dancer03. Let There Be Drums04. The Ninth Wave05. Cruncher06. Wild Night07. Wabash Cannonball08. The Savage09. The Creeper10. A Go-Go Dancer (Kickstand)11. Whittier Boulevard12. Zocko!13. Wild Trip14. Wack Wack15. Paper Airplane16. Flights of Fantasy17. Summertime Blues18. Beethoven Five-Oh!19. Hawaii Five-0 (live 1993)20. Wipeout (live 1965)21. Caravan (live 1965)

IN THE VAULTS1997 / U.K. RELEASE01. The McCoy02. Lady of Spain03. Damaged Goods04. The Way You Look Tonight05. Candy Apple Racer06. Genesis07. The Stranger08. Gemini09. Lawrence of Arabia10. The Green Hornet11. El Greco12. Comin' Home Baby13. Arabesque14. Peace Pipe15. Pandora's Box16. A Summer Love17. Too Young to Know My Mind18. Paint It Black19. Squaw Man20. The Mercenary21. Kern County Line22. Skylab (Passport to the Future)23. Samovar24. Joyride25. Tora, Tora, Tora26. Endless Summer

PLAY SCREEN THEMES1997 / U.K. RELEASE01. Chariots of Fire02. Snows of Nagano03. Memories of Love04. Oh, Pretty Woman05. Never Ending Story06. Unchained Melody07. After Midnight in Shinjuku07. Stand by Me09. Axel-F/Miami Vice10. Follow Your Heart11. The Gremlins Rag12. One13. Ghosbusters14. St. Elmo's Fire15. Arthur's Theme16. What a Wonderful World

NEW DEPHTS1998 / U.S. RELEASE01. Hurricane02. Drums A Go-Go03. Bombora04. Hot Doggin'05. Calhoun Surf06. Banzai Pipeline07. Web Surfin'08. Time Is Tight09. Stop the Music10. Spanish Armada11. I Fought the Law12. Hideaway13. Cry for a Shadow14. Blue Dawn15. Peter Gunn16. Kanari Kiteru Koi17. Flower of the Sun18. Axel F/Miami Vice19. Trailblazer (instrumental)20. Wipeout 2017 (Wipeout '88)

WILD AGAIN CONCERT ´971998 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Cruel Sea02. Telstar03. Apache05. 04. Calhoun Surf06. Walk, Don't Run '6407. Slaughter on 10th Avenue08. Wipe Out09. Don't Think Twice10. Japanese Medley11. Jambalaya12. Maria Elena13. Classical Gas14. Walk, Don't Run/Perfidia/Blue Moon15. Bulldog/Bumble Bee/Journey to...16. Hawaii Five-017. Diamond Head/Pipeline18. Caravan

KANARI KITERU KOI1998 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Kanari Kiteru Koi 02. O Game 03. Kanari Kiteru Koi (Karaoke)04. O Game (Karaoke)

V-GOLD1999 / JAPANESE RELEASE01.Walk Don't Run02.Telstar03. The Cruel Sea04. Slaughter on 10th Avenue05. Yellow Jacket06. Apache07. Perfidia08. Diamond Head09. House of the Rising Sun10. Secret Agent Man11. Manchurian Beat12. Bumble Bee Rock13. Pipeline14. Wipe Out15. Caravan16. Hokkaido Skies17. Kyoto Doll18. Strangers in Midosuji19. Reflections in a Palace Lake20. Ginza Lights

WALK, DON´T RUN 20001999 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run 200002. One of These Nights03. Black is Black04. Jewel*05. Mercy Mercy Mercy06. Wild Weekend07. Kicks (vocal Nancy Sinatra)08. Keep Searchin'09. Venus10. Spindrift *11. Santa Cruz *12. Movin'13. Night Bird *14. Proud Warrior (w/Mel Taylor)15. Bermuda *16. Mal-Funk-Shun *

PLAY RUNAWAY1999 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Runaway02. Needles and Pins03. Black Is Black04. Keep Searchin'05. When You Walk in the Room06. Hats Off to Larry07. So Fine08. End of the World09. Caribbean10. The Wind Blows East11. Born to Lose12. Steady As She Goes13. Detroit City14. Yesterday15. I Forgot to Remember to Forget16. I Can't Stop Loving You

SPACE 20011999 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Also Sprach Zarathustra02. Return of the Jedi03. Columbia04. Close Encounters05. Gemini06. Star Trek07. Telstar08. Skylab09. Star Wars10. Journey to the Stars11. Apollo 1112. Sand, Sea, and Love 13. Out of Limits (Don's vocal)

V-GOLD LIVE!1999 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Bob's Medley02. The Cruel Sea03. Telstar04. Black Sand Beach05. Apache06. Out of Limits07. Let's Go08. Stranger in Midosuji/09. Reflections in a Palace Lake10. Ginza Lights11. Kyoto Doll/Paint It Black12. Walk Don't Run '6413. House of the Rising Sun14. Slaughter on 10th Avenue15. Hawaii Five-016. Wipe Out17. Diamond Head/Pipeline18. Caravan

KAYO TAIZEN1999 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Stranger in Midosuji 02. Kyoto Doll (Kyoto No Koi)03. Reflections in a Palace Lake 04. Nagasaki Memories 05. Ginza Lights 06. Hokkaido Skies 07. Don't Leave Me 08. Stormy Nights 09. Electric Monsoon 10. Magic Night11. Prima Vera (Kaiten Moubab)12. Lonely River 13. Nagoya Express 14. Speeding Through Space 15. Hollywood Punk (Kyohansha)16. Midnight Lights 17. Blue Dawn 18. Don't Say Goodbye 19. Reflections in a Palace Lake 20. Until the End (Kazega Warau)21. tranger in Midosuji 22. Reflections in a Palace Lake

IN THE VAULTS, VOLUME 21999 / U.K. RELEASE01. Golden Earrings02. Stick Shift03. Forty Miles of Bad Road04. True Love05. Teen Beat06. Ventures Stomp07. Deep Purple08. Walkin' with My Angel09. Travelin' Man10. Greensleeves11. Bongo Rock12. Tossin' and Turnin'13. Sugaree14. Blue Hawaii15. What'd I Say16. Hawaiian Surfing17. Tammy18. Stagger Lee19. Hawaiian Wedding Song20. Taboo21. Danny Boy22. Lites Out23. High Tide24. Spanish Armada25. Saigon26. Harlem Nocturne

GOLD2000 / U.S. RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run02. Telstar03. The Cruel Sea04. Slaughter on 10th Avenue05. Yellow Jacket06. Apache07. Perfidia08. Diamond Head09. House of the Rising Sun10. Secret Agent Man11. Bumble Bee Rock12. Pipeline13. Wipe Out14. Caravan15. Tall Cool One16. Red River Rock17. James Bond Theme18. Guitar Boogie Shuffle19. Bongo Rock20. Honky Tonk

V-GOLD II2000 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Penetration02. Walk Don't Run '6403. Bulldog04. Raunchy05. Forty Miles of Bad Road06. Wheels07. Blue Moon08. Surf Rider09. Tequila10. Let's Go11. Ghost Riders in the Sky12. Black Sand Beach13. Green Onions14. Lullaby of the Leaves15. Rebel Rouser16. Percolator17. Memphis18. Out of Limits19. Hawaii Five-020. Sleep Walk

ACOUSTIC ROCK2000 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Home Day, Some Way02. Flingel Bunt03. Man of Mystery04. Tobacco Road05. The Way06. Brown Eyed Girl07. She Drives Me Crazy08. Lonely One09. Livin' La Vida Loca10. Maggie May11. St. James Infirmary12. American Pie13. Sultans of Swing14. Zonked15. Layla16. Skunk Rock

KANERI KITERU KOI2000 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Kanari Kiteru Koi 02. O Game (aka Flower of the Sun)03. Trailblazer (Instrumental)04. Flower of the Sun (Instrumental)05. Kanari Kiteru Koi (Karaoke)

THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION2000 / U.K. RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run '7702. Amanda's Theme03. Warm Hearts04. Papa05. Nightly News Theme06. Summer Concerto07. I Will Never Leave You08. Speeding Through Space09. Really Something Nice10. Don't Say Goodbye11. Mizu Wari12. Hollywood Punk13. Tomorrow14. Victoria Station15. Springtime Love16. I'll Be Yours Forever17. The World Is Waiting for the ...18. How High the Moon19. Suzukake No Michi20. Kimi To Itsumademo (stereo)21. Hey There Sunshine22. Dick Tracy Theme23. Beautiful Sunday (vocal)24. La Dernier Train de l'Espace25. Movin'26. Last Tango in Paris27. Prima Vera28. Oh, My Love29. Haunting Memories30. Airport 197531. Man with the Golden Gun32. Wonderful Land33. Sun and Moon34. Dance On35. Things Have Got to Get Better36. Keep Japan Beautiful37. Beautiful Sunday (instrumental)38. Karelia39. Minyo Disco North to South40. Green Hornet (stereo)41. Secret Agent Man (stereo)42. Ten Seconds to Heaven (stereo)43. Let Your Love Flow44. Storefront Lawyers45. The Savage46. Peter and the Wolf (alternate)

THE GREATEST SURFIN´HITS2001 / U.S. RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run '6402. Penetration03. Mr. Moto04. Out of Limits05. Lonely Surfer06. Baja07. Let's Go08. Diamond Head09. Pipeline10. Slaughter on 10th Avenue11. Bombora12. Hawaii Five-013. Surf Rider14. Ninth Wave15. The Cruel Sea16. Surfin' and Spyin'17. Perfidia18. Wipe Out

IN JAPAN LIVE 20002001 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Hollywood Punk (Surfin' USA '78)02. Slaughter on 10th Avenue03. Ghost Riders in the Sky04. Wailin'05. Apache06. Feel So Fine (vocal)07. What'd I Say (vocal)08. Goldfinger09. Penetration10. Ginza Lights11. Kyoto Doll12. Paint It Black13. Secret Agent Man14. Walk Don't Run '6415. Wipe Out16. Sultans of Swing17. American Pie18. Stranger in Midosuji/Reflections in...19. Hokkaido Skies20. Maria Elena21. Classical Gas22. Yellow Jacket23. Sleepwalk24. Walk Don't Run Medley25. Hats Off to Larry/Runaway (vocal)26. House of the Rising Sun27. Hawaii Five-028. Diamond Head/Pipeline29. Caravan

V-GOLD III2001 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. The McCoy02. Pedal Pusher03. Rawhide04. La Bamba05. Man from U.N.C.L.E.06. Red River Rock07. Driving Guitars08. A Taste of Honey10. 09. 2000 Pound Bee (Part 2)11. Yozora No Hoshi12. Goldfinger13. Batman14. El Cumbanchero15. Let There Be Drums16. Nutty17. Ten Seconds to Heaven18. Guitar Boogie Shuffle19. Honky Tonk Woman20. Bimini Bay 21. My Love for You

SOUTHERN ALL STARS2001 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Hotel pacific02. Ai No Kotodama 03. Inase Na Locomotion04. Shulaba La Bamba05. Erotica Seven06. Paradise07. Messenger08. Minna No Uta09. Kibou No Wadachi10. Sonna Hiroshi Ni Damasarete11. Anata Dake Wo 12. Tsunami

V-GOLD LIVE II2001 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run Medley02. Yozora No Hoshi03. Nutty04. The McCoy05. Journey to the Stars06. Mr. Moto07. Ninth Wave08. Slaughter on 10th Avenue09. Driving Guitars10. Rap City11. Jambalaya12. Do You Want to Dance13. No Trespassing14. My Bonnie Lies15. Besame Mucho Twist16. Walk Don't Run '6417. Secret Agent Man18. El Cumbanchero19. Diamond Head/Pipeline20. Caravan

60´s ROCKIN´ CHRISTMAS2001 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Sleigh Ride02. Snow Flakes03. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town04. Jingle Bells05. Jingle Bells Rock06. Silver Bells07. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer08. Winter Wonderland09. Frosty the Snowman10. Blue Christmas11. We Wish You a Merry Christmas12. White Christmas13. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree14. Christmas Song15. Feliz Navidad

LET´S GO! ICHIRO2001 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Let's Go! Ichiro02. Go! Go! Daimajin03. Let's Go! Mariners

INSTRUMENTAL HITS2002 / U.S. RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run02. Let's Go03. Rebel Rouser04. Apache05. Peter Gunn06. Tall Cool One07. Lullaby of the Leaves08. Bongo Rock09. Sleep Walk10. Honky Tonk11. Tequila12. Wheels13. Green Onions14. James Bond Theme15. Secret Agent Man16. Hawaii Five-0

CHRISTMAS JOY2002 / U.S. RELEASE01. Jingle Bells02. We Wish You a Merry Christmas03. Winter Wonderland04. Joy to the World05. O Christmas Tree06. Silent Night07. Hark the Herald Angels Sing08. God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen09. O Holy Night10. The Christmas Song11. Sleigh Ride12. Rockin' Around the Christmas...13. We Three Kings14. What Child Is This?15. O Come All Ye Faithful16. Deck the Halls17. Feliz Navidad18. Christmas Joy

SURF ROCK ANTHOLOGY2002 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Pipeline02. Walk Don't Run03. Movin'04. Diamond Head05. Yellow Jacket06. Surf Rider07. Raunchy08. Wipe Out09. Tequila10. Black Sand Beach11. Apache12. Pedal Pusher13. Driving Guitars14. Yozora No Hoshi15. Hawaii Five-016. Lullaby of the Leaves17. Sleep Walk18. The Cruel Sea19. Nutty20. Bumble Bee Rock21. Penetration22. Blue Moon23. Spindrift24. Perfidia25. Ten Seconds to Heaven

HYPER V-GOLD2002 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. No Trespassing02. Rap City03. Mr. Moto04. Ninth Wave05. My Bonnie Lies06. Stop Action07. Movin' and Groovin'08. California Dreamin'09. Last Date10. Torquay11. Wailin'12. Besame Mucho13. Journey to the Stars14. Blue Skies15. Classical Gas16. Sukiyaki17. Paint It Black18. The Creeper19. Open for Business20. Island Moon

LIVE IN SEATTLE, USA2002 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run Medley02. Penetration03. Telstar04. Bumble Bee Twist05. Apache06. Surf Rider07. Out of Limits08. Walk Don't Run '6409. Let's Go10. Slaughter on 10th Avenue11. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In12. Secret Agent Man13. The Cruel Sea14. Goldfinger15. Sleep Walk16. House of the Rising Sun17. My Bonnie Lies18. El Cumbanchero19. Hawaii Five-020. Pipeline21. Wipeout22. Diamond Head23. Caravan

DRIVING GUITARS2002 / U.K. RELEASE01. Driving Guitars02. Walk Don't Run03. Telstar04. Secret Agent Man05. Perfidia06. Out of Limits07. Memphis08. Slaughter on 10th Avenue09. House of the Rising Sun10. Runaway11. Penetration12. Ghost Riders in the Sky13. Comin' Home Baby14. Green Onions15. El Bimbo16. Alabama Jubilee17. Pipeline18. Wipeout19. Stars on Guitars Medley20. Tequila21. La Bamba22. Feel So Fine23. Bumble Bee Rock24. Classical Gas25. I Got a Woman26. Let's Go27. Hawaii Five-028. Caravan29. Walk Don't Run

GREATEST HITS. VOLUME 22003 / U.S.RELEASE01.Forty Miles of Bad Road02. Raunchy03. Teen Beat04. Red River Rock05. Memphis06. Cry for a Shadow07. Caravan08. Quiet Village09. Percolator10. Midnight in Moscow11. Happy Organ12. Last Date13. Torquay14. Exodus15. Bulldog16. Telstar

YOUR HIT PARADE 60s2003 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Twist Delgi Amanti L'Eclisse02. One Way Ticket03. Where the Boys Are04. In the Year 252505. The Sound of Silence06. Those Were the Days07. Hey Paula08. Rhythm of the Rain09. San Francisco10. Sherry11. Sinno Me Moro12. From Russia with Love13. Land of a Thousand Dances14. Both Sides Now15. 13 Jours en France16. Help17. Exodus18. You Only Live Twice19. Slaughter on 10th Avenue20. Diamond Head21. Caravan

IN JAPAN LIVE 20022003 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Fire02. Wailin'03. My Bonnie Lies04. Slaughter on 10th Avenue05. Last Train to Clarksville06. Bondolero07. Magic Night08. Born to Be Wild09. Out of Limits10. Driving Guitars11. Hawaii Five-012. Walk Don't Run '6413. Wipeout14. Hurricane15. Ventures Medley16. Manchurian Beat17. Surfin' USA '7818. Stranger in Midusoju/19. Reflections in a Palace Lake20. Kyoto Doll/Paint It Black21. Ginza Lights22. House of the Rising Sun23. Diamond Head/Pipeline24. Caravan

SURFIN´ TO BAJA2004 / U.S. RELEASE01. Santa Cruz02. After Midnight in Shinjuko03. Web Surfin'04. Flashback05. Skunk Rock06. Bermuda07. Cruisin' Machine08. Night Bird09. Ajoen Ajoen10. Open for Business11. Snows of Nagano12. Beethoven Five-Oh!13. Spindrift14. Rock Concerto in A Minor15. Zonked16. Bimini Bay17. Blue Dawn18. Follow Your Heart19. Two on the Beach

SUMMER AND WINTER LIVE2004 / JAPANESE RELEASEWinter (featuring Nokie Edwards):01. Walk Don't Run Medley02. Pipeline03. Telstar04. I Got a Woman05. Aquarius-Let the Sunshine In06. Penetration07. Apache08. Out of Limits09. Diamond Head10. CaravanSummer (featuring Gerry McGee):11. Twist Degli Amanti L'Eclisse12. Love Potion No. 913. Teen Beat14. Road Runner15. Land of 1,000 Dances16. Stop Action17. Santa Cruz18. Who'll Stop.../Bad Moon Rising19. Movin'/Baja/Peter Gunn20. Home

CLASSIC COUNTRY PLUS2004 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Love Sick Blues02. Please Hekp Me I'm Falling03. End of the World04. I Forgot to Remember05. Detroit City06. Born to Lose07. Afraid08. Wild Side of Life09. Jealous Heart10. I Can't Stop Loving You11. Paliachi Joe12. Transit Man13. Steady as She Goes14. The Wind Blows East15. Caribbean

ALIVE FIVE-O2005 / U.S. RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run Medley02. Diamond Head03. Seaside Story04. Hokkaido Skies05. Pipeline06. Reflections in a Palace Lake07. Caravan08. Classical Gas09. Apache10. Calhoun Surf11. Ventures Medley12. The Cruel Sea13. Telstar14. Black Sand Beach15. Let's Go16. House of the Rising Sun17. Wipe Out18. Ghost Riders in the Sky19. Wailin'20. Maria Elena21. Yellow Jacket22. Sleepwalk23. The McCoy24. The Ninth Wave25. Bondolero26. Magic Night27. Driving Guitars28. Hawaii Five-029. Manchurian Beat30. Penetration31. Bumble Bee Twist32. Surf Rider33. Out of Limits34. Walk Don't Run '6435. Secret Agent Man36. Goldfinger

J-ROCK SUMMER WIND2005 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Seaside Bound02. Bang Bang Bang03. Louisiana04. Time Machine No Onegai05. Namino Ienakute06. Shonan My Love07. Runner08. Natsumatsuri 09. Julia Ni Heartbreak 10. Megumino Hito11. Roanhikou (Flight)12. Marry Ann13. Asia No Junshin 14. Jam15. Koiwoshita Yoruwa 16. Den En (The Country)17. Itsumademo Kawaranu Aiwo 18. Naminori Johnny

IN THE VAULTS, VOLUME 32005 / U.K. RELEASE01. Blue Moon (45 version)02. Instant Mashed (45 version)03. The Ninth Wave (45 version)04. Lucille (45 version)05. Adventures in Paradise06. The Chase07. Cookies and Coke08. The Real McCoy09. Kickstand10. Blue Star (45 version)11. Rebel Rouser12. Flight of Fantasy (45 version)13. Vibrations (45 version)14. Artesia15. Honey16. Little People17. Night of Our Trip18. Dreams of Yesterday19. Don't Leave Me20. Red Flame21. Between Stage22. Two in Love23. Wait for Me24. Summer Affair25. Bullet Train26. Anno Domini

Howie Johnson, Don Wilson, Nokie Edwards und Bob Bogle (1960)

The Ventures 1969-1971: Gerry McGee, Don Wilson, Bob Bogle, Mel Taylor und John Durrill

Auch die Ventures haben ihren "eigenen" Wein

Les Paul und Leon Taylor

Les Paul und Don Wilson 




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