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The Ventures Discographie


The Green Leaves of Summer / Charade / Plein Soleil / East of Eden Jailhouse Rock / Blue Hawaii / Live and Let Die / Fools Rush In / Melody Fair Love Story / Rock Around the Clock / Diana / Somewhere Over the RainbowThe Good, the Bad, and the Ugly / Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My HeadTonight / Goldfinger / California Sun

AKA BAN 1960-19702006 / JAPANESE RELEASE01.Walk Don't Run02. The McCoy03. Perfidia04. Lullaby of the Leaves05. Bulldog06. Blue Moon07. Yellow Jacket08. Driving Guitars09. Bumble Bee Twist10. Telstar11. The Lonely Bull12. Apache13. Caravan14. Wild Night15. Pipeline16. Surf Rider17. Ninth Wave18. Let's Go19. Walk Right In20. Wipe Out21. Out of Limits22. Penetration23. The Cruel Sea24. Scratchin'25. Journey to the Stars26. Walk Don't Run '6427. Diamond Head28. Blue Star29. House of the Rising Sun30. Slaughter on 10th Avenue31. I Feel Fine32. Ten Seconds to Heaven33. Swingin' Creeper34. Go-Go Slow35. Secret Agent Man36. Stop Action37. A Taste of Honey38. Batman Theme39. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.40. Kimi to Itsumademo41. Yozora No Hoshi42. Ginza Lights43. Green Hornet Theme44. Hokkaido Skies45. El Greco46. Flights of Fantasy47. The Horse48. Hawaii Five-049. Kyoto Doll50. Reflections in a Palace Lake

AKA BAN 1999-20062006 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run02. Slaughter on 10th Avenue03. Diamond Head04. Manchurian Beat05. Bumble Bee Rock06. Pipeline07. Wipe Out08. Caravan09. Stranger in Midosuji10. Walk Don't Run 200011. One of These Nights12. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy13. Kicks14. Movin'15. Penetration16. Raunchy17. Wheels18. Tequila19. Ghost Riders in the Sky20. Black Sand Beach21. Out of Limits22. Sleep Walk23. Someday, Someway24. Brown Eyed Girl25. Sultans of Swing26. Pedal Pusher27. Rawhide28. Red River Rock29. 2,000 Pound Bee (Part 2)30. El Cumbanchero31. Bimini Bay32. Minna No Uta33. Sonna Hiroshi Ni Damasarete34. Sleigh Ride35. Jingle Bells36. No Trespassing37. Rap City38. Mr. Moto39. Movin' and Groovin'40. Torquay41. Blue Skies42. Classical Gas43. Paint It Black44. Open for Business45. Twist Degli Amanti L'Eclisse46. One Way Ticket47. Land of 1,000 Dances48. Seaside Bound49. Natsumatsuri50. Jailhouse Rock

SENTIMENTAL GUITARS2006 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Maria Elena02. Reflections in a Palace Lake03. Lonesome Town04. Sleep Walk05. Ellie My Love06. Tomorrow's Girl07. Blue Star09. 08. Soul Coaxing10. Blue Sunset11. My Love12. Killing My Softly13. I Can't Stop Loving You14. Green Leaves of Summer15. Love Goddess of Venus16. Hokkaido Skies17. Theme from "A Summer Place"18. Unchained Melody19. If We Hold Together20. Greenfields21. Soul Breeze22. Scarborough Fair23. Spook-Traces-Stormy24. My Love for You25. Island Moon26. Stranger on the Shore27. Sand, Sea and Love

ROCKY2007 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Gonna Fly Now 02. Eye of the Tiger03. Little Green Bag04. Turn, Turn, Turn05. What the World Needs Now...06. Oh, Happy Day07. He Ain't Heavy, He's My...08. Jesus Is Just Alright09. You'll Never Walk Alone10. Put Your Hand in the Hand11. I Will Survive12. We Are the World13. All You Need Is Love14. I Believe15. The Impossible Dream16. Diamond Head 2007

PLAY THE VENTURES2007 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Movin'02. Diamond Head03. Walk Don't Run '6404. House of the Rising Sun05. Slaughter on 10th Avenue06. Wipe Out07. Le Dernier Train de l'Espace08. Pipeline09. The Cruel Sea10. Caravan11. Driving Guitars12. California Dreamin'13. Bonus Tracks:14. Lipstick on Your Collar15. Hey Paula16. It's My Party17. One Way Ticket18. Johnny Angel19. Rhythm of the Rain20. Omoide No Nagisa21. Aoi Hoshikuzu

LIVE IN TOKYO 20062007 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Gimme Some Lovin'02. Twist Degli Amanti l'Eclisse03. Hide Away04. Ginza Lights05. Wham06. Kyoto Doll/Paint It Black07. Route 66 (Don's vocal)08. What'd I Say (Gerry's vocal)09. Last Date10. Slaughter on 10th Avenue11. Wipe Out12. Stranger in Midojusi13. Hokkaido Skies14. Maria Elena15. Classical Gas16. Walk Don't Run17. Wild and Wooly18. Blue Sunset (Yuhi Wa Akaku)19. Blue Dawn20. House of the Rising Sun21. Hawaii Five-022. Diamond Head/Pipeline23. Caravan

IN THE VAULTS, VOLUME 42007 / U.K. RELEASE01. Journey to the Stars (Undub.)02. Delicado03. Night Run (The Marksmen)04. Station Breaks05. Driving Guitars (Undub.)06. Don't Avoid Me (Don Wilson)07. Echo08. Yellow Jacket (Undub.)09. Delta Lady10. Heart on My Sleeve (Don)11. Scratch (The Marksmen)12. Memphis13. Like You've Never... (Don)14. Black Tarantella15. Original Number One16. The Twomp (Don Wilson)17. Beautiful Obsession18. Bumble Bee Twist (Undub.)19. Son of a Preacher Man20. Runaway (Don Wilson)21. Downtown22. Pedal Pusher (Undub.)23. Feel So Fine (Don Wilson)24. Walk Don't Run/Perfidia/Lullaby of the Leaves (Undub.)25. The Jam26. Caravan (Undub.)

PLAY THEIR GREATEST HITS2008 / U.S. RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run (alternate)02. The McCoy03. Perfidia04. Lullaby of the Leaves05. Blue Moon06. The 2000 Pound Bee07. Ninth Wave08. Journey to the Stars09. Walk Don't Run '6410. The Cruel Sea11. Slaughter on 10th Avenue12. Diamond Head13. Pedal Pusher14. Ten Seconds to Heaven15. Secret Agent Man16. Hawaii Five-0 (alternate)

THE VERY BEST 2008 / U.K. RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run02. Wipe out03. Perfidia04. Ram-Bunk-Shush05. Telstar06. Delilah07. Apache08. Mission: Impossible09. Batman Theme10. Secret Agent Man11. The Cruel Sea12. Fever13. Eleanor Rigby14. I Feel Fine15. La Bamba16. Let's Twist Again17. Lolita Ya-Ya18. Hang on Sloopy19. Jambalaya20. Classical Gas21. Green Onions22. Happy Together23. Frankie and Johnny24. Love Potion No. 925. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.26. Hawaii Five-027. Blue Moon28. Aquaruis/Let the Sunshine In29. Galveston30. I Can Hear Music31. Theme from "A Summer Place"32. The 2000 Pound Bee (Parts 1 and 2)33. House of the Rising Sun34. California Dreamin'35. Bridge Over Troubled Water36. Strawberry Fields Forever37. Hey Jude38. Everybody's Talkin'39. Good Morning Starshie40. Close to You41. Michelle42. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head43. Monday, Monday44. Rainy Days and Mondays45. Diamond Head46. Driving Guitars47. Silver City48. The Twomp

TWO CAR GARAGE2009 / U.S RELEASE01. I Hear You Knockin' 02. Surf Rider 03. Rebel Rouser 04. Wailin' 05. Out of Our Tree 06. Let's Go 07. Tequila 08. Needles and Pins 09. Beat Guitar10. Dirty Robber 11. Wild Weekend12. California Sun 13. Tall Cool One 14. When You Walk in the Room 15. Wipe Out 16. Road Runner 17. Black Is Black 18. Louie Louie

50TH ANNIVERSARY2009 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run02. Pipeline03. Diamond Head04. Slaughter on 10th Avenue05. Wipe Out06. Movin'07. Ten Seconds to Heaven08. Secret Agent Man09. House of the Rising Sun10. Hawaii Five-011. Kyoto Doll12. Stranger in Midosuji13. Reflections in a Palace Lake14. Ginza Lights15. Hokkaido Skies16. Penetration17. Yellow Jacket18. Telstar19. Tequila20. Apache21. Yozora No Hoshi22. Journey to the Stars23. Manchurian Beat24. Driving Guitars25. Caravan

PLAY KAYAMA YUZO2009 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Tabibito Yo02. Blue Sunset (Yuhi Wa Akaku)03. Futaridake No Umi04. Aoi Hoshikuzu05. Kimi To Itsumademo06. Yozora No Hoshi 07. Boomerang Baby08. Koi Wa Akai Bara 09. Oyome Ni Oide10. Yozora O Aoide 12. 11. Black Sand Beach13. Mada Minu Koibito14. Rainy Pavement 15. Violet Sky

SOUTHERN ALL STARS2009 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Tsunami 02. Namida No Kiss03. Fruit of Summer04. Miss Brand New Day05. Ellie My Love06. Hotel Pacific07. C-Chow Kotoba No Goyojin 08. Omoi Sugoshi Mo Koi No Uchi 09. Sindbad10. Erotica Seven 11. Ai No Kotodama-Spiritual Message 12. Seaside Story 13. Furi Furi '6514. The Night Club15. Shiori's Theme16. Don't Blame on Me

50TH ANNIVERSARY LIVE2009 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. The Cruel Sea02. Wild and Wooly03. Wailin'04. Journey to the Stars05. Walk Don't Run Medley06. Manchurian Beat07. My Bonnies Lies08. El Cumbanchero09. Ginza Lights10. Kyoto Doll--Paint it Black11. Stranger in Midosuji/12. Reflections in a Palace Lake13. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue14. Love Potion No. 915. Yozora No Hoshi16. Apache17. Surf Rider18. I Got A Woman19. Hawaii Five 020. Wipe Out21. Diamond Head/Pipeline22. Caravan

PLAY WITH THE VENTURES, VOL. 12009 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. The Cruel Sea02. Walk Don't Run Medley03. Manchurian Beat04. Stranger in Midosuji/Reflections in...05. Hawaii Five-0Minus Lead Guitar:06. The Cruel Sea 07. Walk Don't Run Medley 08. Manchurian Beat 09. Stranger in Midosuji/Reflections in... 10. Hawaii Five-0Minus Rhythm Guitar:11. The Cruel Sea 12. Walk Don't Run Medley 13. Manchurian Beat 14. Stranger in Midosuji/Reflections in... 15. Hawaii Five-0Minus Bass Guitar:16. The Cruel Sea17. Walk Don't Run Medley 18. Manchurian Beat 19. Stranger in Midosuji/Reflections in...20. Hawaii Five-0

PLAY WITH, VOL. 22009 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Journey to the Stars02. El Cumbanchero03. My Bonnie Lies04. Love Potion No.905. Wipe OutMinus Lead Guitar:06. Journey to the Stars 07. El Cumbanchero 08. My Bonnie Lies 09. Love Potion No.910. Wipe Out Minus Rhthm Guitar:11. Journey to the Stars 12. El Cumbanchero 13. My Bonnie Lies 14. Love Potion No.9 15. Wipe Out Minus Bass Guitar:16. Journey to the Stars 17. El Cumbanchero18. My Bonnie Lies 19. Love Potion No.9 20. Wipe Out

POPULAR HITS2009 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Imagine02. Hymne à l'Amour03. La Vie en Rose04. Maria Elena05. Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme)06. James Bond Theme07. Misirlou08. Exodus09. Cry For A Shadow10. Drums a Go-Go 11. Spanish Armada12. Teen Beat13. Peter Gunn14. Stardust15. Have You Ever Seen the Rain 16. Last Christmas

SURFIN´GUITARS2010 / U.S. RELEASE01. Pipeline02. Hurricane03. Hot Doggin´04. Bombora05. Baja06. Banzai Pipeline07. Surf Rider08. Wipe Out09. Flashback10. Penetration11. Blue Dawn12. California Sun13. Misirlou14. Diamond Head15. Theme From The Endless Summer16. Hawaii Five-O17. Tsunami Surfin´18. The Ninth Wave19. Walk Don´t Run `6420. Hawaiian Moon

IN MY LIVE2010 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. In My Life (new)02. Norwegian Wood (new)03. Strawberry Fields Forever 04. Michelle05. Yesterday (2010 remix)06. Eleanor Rigby07. Back in the USSR (new)08. I Feel Fine09. Paperback Writer (new)10. All You Need Is Love11. Hey Jude12. Let It Be13. Here Comes the Sun (new)14. Golden/Carry/The End (new)15. Imagine (bonus track)

HAWAII FIVE-O2010 / U.S. RELEASE01. Hawaii Five-O02. Black Sand Beach03. Surf Rider04. The Cruel Sea05. Torquay06. Two On The Beach07. Pipeline08. The Big Island09. Flower Of The Sun10. Driving Guitars11. Mahalo12. Follow Your Heart13. Diamond Head14. Blue Dawn15. Chrouching Lion16. Truth

PERFIDIA2011 / FRANCE RELEASE01. Perfidia02. Ram-Bunk-Shush03. Lonely Heart04. Morgen05. Raunchy06. Home07. My Own True Love08. The Switch09. Walk-Don´t Run10. Night Train11. No Tresspassing12. Caravan13. Sleep Walk14. The McCoy15. Honky TonkBonus:16. The McCoy (Alternative)17. No Tresspassing (Mono)18. Walk-Don´t Run (Mono)19. Silver City20. Bluer Than Blue21. The Real McCoy22. Cookies And Coke

JAPAN LIVE 20102011 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Hollywood Punk (Surfin USA '78)02. On the Rebound03. Secret Agent Man04. Hideaway05. Driving Guitars06. In My Life07. Ghost Riders in the Sky08. Ginza Lights09. Kyoto Doll/Paint It Black10. Blue Star11. Cruel Sea12. Slaughter on 10th Avenue13. Walk Don't Run '6414. Wipe Out15. Stranger in/Reflections16. Hokkaido Skies17. Maria Elena18. Classical Gas19. California Sun20. Apache21. Norwegian Wood22. Walk Don't Run Medley23. Black Sand Beach24. Green Onions25. House of the Rising Sun26. Hawaii Five-027. Diamond Head/Pipeline28. Caravan

BOB BOGLE MEMORIAL ALBUM2011 / JAPANESE RELEASE 01. Walk Don't Run02. Perfidia03. Lullaby of the Leaves04. Blue Moon05. Home06. Night Train07. Sleepwalk08. Caravan09. Lonesome Town10. Moon Dawg11. Yellow Bird12. Counterpoint13. Lolita Ya Ya14. Sukiyaki15. One Fine Day 16. Joy17. Misirlou18. Beethoven Five-0h!19. Hurricane20. Eye of the Tiger21. Theme: The Magnificent Seven

Trini Lopez-Show 1969: Trini, Don Wilson, Gerry McGee, Mel Taylor, Bob Bogle und John Durrill

The Ventures (1968)

The Ventures mit Joe Barile (1973 - 1978)

Die LP- und CD-Sammler unter uns wissen genau wie schwierig es ist, alle Produktionen ihrer Lieblingsinterpreten für ihre Plattensammlung zu erwerben. Viele Aufnahmen sind nur noch auf Plattenbörsen oder als Internetkauf zu bekommen. Mit viel Geduld und Geld ist hier aber fast alles noch machbar und irgendwann hat man dann seine Musik-Schätze komplett in seinem Sammlerschrank stehen.Etwas problematischer wird es für die Freunde der Ventures. Die fleißigen Musiker haben weit mehr als 200 (!) offizielle Alben auf den Markt gebracht. Von den unzähligen Samplern wollen wir an dieser Stelle erst gar nicht reden. Viele dieser Aufnahmen sind nur in den USA oder in Japan erschienen und für uns lediglich als Importware zu bekommen. Und dann zu Preisen, die von sehr vielen Instrumentalfreunden mit einem Kopfschütteln zur Kenntnis genommen werden. So muss man derzeit für eine Japan-CD-Box aus den 90er-Jahren (Diverse Ventures-Live-Produktionen), mehr als 500 Euro auf den Tisch blättern. Wohl wissend, dass es aus der Serie noch zwei weitere CD-Boxen gibt, wünsche ich Euch weiterhin viel Spaß beim Sammeln. Übrigens, ich besitze die CDs (leider) auch nicht und würde mich deshalb schon über einige Hörproben freuen. The Ventures live in Japan: On Stage´71, On Stage´72, On Stage´73, On Stage´74, On Stage´75, On Stage´76 (Die einzigartige Sunflower-Tour), Live in Japan´77 und On Stage´78. 




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