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BOTH SIDES OF NOKIE1988 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Salt Creek02. I Got a Woman03. Phoenix04. Alabama Jubilee05. Please Mister Please06. Orange Blossom Special07. Joy08. Classical Gas09. Lucille10. What I Want to Tell You11. El Bimbo12. Dance with Me

TERRY AND NOKIE 21987 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Two Guitars02. El Cumbanchero03. In a Persian Market04. Karelia05. Leningrad06. Lady in Black (CD only)07. La Cumparsita08. The World Is Waiting for...09. Too Young10. San Antonio Rose11. Lover Come Back to Me12. Easy Pickin'13. Haunted Guitar (CD Only)14. Spring Is Nearly Here

NOKIE1971 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Love Story02. Indian Reservation 03. El Condor Pasa 04. I Dream of Naomi 05. You've Got a Friend 06. Love Her Madly 07. Tora, Tora, Tora 08. Help Me Make It Through...09. Bridge Over Troubled Waters 10. My Sweet Lord 11. Proud Mary 12. You Don't Have to Say You...

NOKIE, VOLUME 11989 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Begin The Beguine02. Saving All My Love For You03. Like A Virgin04. Islands In The Stream05. Lucille06. Pipeline07. S.W.A.T.08. By The Time I Get To Phoenix09. Beat It10. Dancin' Queen11. I Just Called To Say I Love You12. Caravan

AGAIN1972 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Love Chase 02. Stormy Nights 03. Tabidachi No Uta 04. I'd Like to Teach the World... 05. Sapporo Summer 06. Blue Pearl 07. Love Theme from Godfather 08. Endless Journey 09. Futari Wa Wakakatta 10. Night Runner11. Summer Affair 12. House of the Rising Sun

KING OF GUITARS1973 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the...02. The Way Back Home 03. Ben 04. Long Train Runnin' 05. Out of the Question 06. Easy Livin' 07. Get Down 08. Sing 09. Blue Memories 10. Black Night 11. Highway Star 12. Hearts of Stone

NOKIE, VOLUME 21990 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Secret Agent Man02. The House Of The Rising Sun03. Slaughter On 10th Avenue04. Ghost Riders In The Sky05. Daimond Head 06. Hawaii Five-007. Steel Guitar Rag08. Apache09. Driving Guitars10. Perfidia11. Bulldog Twist12. Was Ich Dir Sagan Will

NEW X´MAS-ALBUM1992 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer02. Snow Flakes (What Child Is This)03. Blue Christmas04. Silver Bells05. White Christmas06. Jingle Bells07. Winter Wonder Land08. O Little Town Of Bethlehem09. Sleigh Ride10. The Christmas Song11. Christmas Medley

BELOVED OLD HITS1974 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Mona Lisa 02. Heartbreak Hotel 03. Too Young 04. Rock Around the Clock 05. Tennessee Waltz 06. Jailhouse Rock 07. Great Balls of Fire 08. Love Letters in the Sand 09. Long Tall Sally 10. Diana 11. Be Bop A Lula 12. Love Me Tender

LIVE IN JAPAN1993 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Yellow Jacket02. The Cruel Sea03. Go Go Slow04. Walk, Don't Run '6405. Alabama Jubilee06. Orange Blossom Special07. Come September08. Diamond Head09. Bulldog10. Tennessee Waltz11. Walk Don't , Perfidia, Lullaby 12. More13. Honky Tonk14. Just The Way You Are15. Misty16. Nutty17. Journey to The Stars18. El Bimbo19. Nola20. Classical Gas21. Pipeline22. Caravan - Blues A

NOKIE AND FRIENDS1994 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Bear Country02. First Snow Memory 03. Quando Quando04. Lady Madonna05. Words06. Lime House Blues07. Diamonds08. Girl Fron Ipanema - Meditation09. Just The Way You Are10. Fire Fly11. Wind Beneath My Wings12. More13. Black Sand Beach 14. Surf Rider 15. First Snow Memory16. Walk, Don't Run '94

1995 CELEBRATION1995 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Sir Duke02. Penelope03. Long Train Running04. Wonderful Tonight05. Lies06. The Shadows Of Your Smile 07. First Kiss08. La Playa09. Moon Light Serenade10. Runnin' Wild11. A Whiter Shade Of Pale12. Go-Kart Twist13. Mosrite Forever14. Adventure15. Take 516. Mosrite Forever - Karaoke17. Adventure - Karaoke18. Take 5 - Karaoke

THE BEST COLLECTION1996 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Driving Guitars 02. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 03. Walk, Don't Run 04. Apache 05. Black Sand Beach 06. Journey to the Stars 07. More 08. Perfidia09. First Snow Memory 10. Alabama Jubilee 11. Diamond Head 12. Surf Rider 13. Pipeline 14. Diamonds 15. Misty 16. Quando Quando 17. Bulldog 18. Bear Country 19. Just the Way You Are 20. Yellow Jacket 21. Firefly (Expression) 22. Secret Agent Man 23. Girl from Ipanima-Meditation 24. Walk, Don't Run '94 25. Caravan-Blues A

MY JAPANESE FRIENDS I1997 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Breithorn 02. The Hyper-Launchers Theme03. Boomerang Baby04. Black Sand Beach05. Aoi-Hoshikuzu 06. Uruwashiki Otometati 07. Phantom08. Kirishame-no-Hodo 09. Ai-no-Hoshikuzu 10. Aru-hi-Nagisani 11. Shonan Boogie12. Oyeme-ni-Oide 13. Kimi-to-Itsumademo 14. Yozora No Hoshi 15. Yuhi Wa Akaku

MY JAPANESE FRIENDS II1997 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Sinbad02. Too Much in Love03. Ellie My Love (Itoshi-no-Erry)04. Seaside Story (Chako)05. Natsu Wo Akiramete06. Fruit of Summer07. Bang Bang Bang!08. Namida-no-Kiss (Tearful Kiss)09. Love10. One More Dream of You11. Christmas Time Forever12. If You Knock on My Door13. Guitar Man Rag14. Midnight Dandy15. Anata-dake-wo (Only You)

MY JAPANESE FRIENDS III1997 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Vapor Trail02. December Rain03. Held in Tenderness04. A Lip Stick Message05. Graduation Picture06. Wishing for Yesterday07. Central Freeway08. Nice Rainy Weather09. Destiny10. Surf and Ski Heaven11. My Boy Friend Is Santa Claus12. Ambush13. I Want to Protect You14. Dandylion15. Hoping for Spring

MY JAPANESE FRIENDS IV1997 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Temptation of Angel02. Seventeen Years Old03. Mid-Summer Event04. A Younger Boy Than Me05. Winds of Spring06. Missing the Snow (Nagori-yuki)07. Playback, Part 208. Good Day to Travel09. UFO10. Balcony by the Beach11. Sweet Memories12. Diamonds13. Asian Innocence 14. My Way to Live15. Dont' Wanna Cry

MY JAPANESE FRIENDS V1997 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Omoide-no-Nagisa 02. Mafuyu-no-Kaerimitchi 03. Wakare-no-Samba 04. Long Haired Girl05. Wishing for Love Again06. Kekkon Shiyouyo 07. Ima-ha-mou-dare-mo 08. Smokin' Boogie09. Man + Woman + Sake = Tears10. Dancing All Night11. Run Away12. Tearful Request13. Christmas Eve14. Sudden Love Story15. Banzai-suki-de-yokatta

LIVE IN DOKI DOKI1996 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Ginza Lights02. Kyoto Doll 03. Pipeline

TERRY VS. NOKIE1986 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Caravan02. Somewhere In Tokyo03. Slaughter On 10th Avenue04. The House Of The Rising Sun05. Diamond Head06. Bulldog Twist07. Pipeline (CD only)08. Walk, Don't Run09. Symphony No.510. Cherokee11. Sentimental Guitar12. Blue Star13. No-E Bushi14. Tsugaru Jongara Bushi15. Yozora No Hoshi (CD only)16. Kimi to Itsumademo (CD only)

NOKIE EDWARDS Backstage: Cowboy Festival auf dem Gelände der Melody Ranch Studios in Santa Clarita, Californien (2010)

ELECTRIC GUITAR HEAVEN1998 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Goldfinger 007 02. Walk Don't Run 03. Yozora No Hoshi 04. Blue Stardust 05. Movin' 06. Karelia 07. Blue Star 08. Slaughter on 10th Avenue 09l. Diamond Head 10. Driving Guitars 11. Pipeline 12. Caravan 13. Secret Agent Man 14. Black Sand Beach15. Follow Me 16. Ginza Lights

CARVIN´IT OUT1999 / U.S. RELEASE01. Summertime02. Tequila Sunrise03. After You've Gone04. Georgia on My Mind05. Revelation06. Goin' Home07. I Can't Tell You Why08. Carvin' It Out09. The Windmills of Your Mind10. Shuffle in Peace11. Desperado

KAYAMA YUZO WITH NOKIE1999 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Crazy Driving 02. Let's Go 03. Rap City 04. Paradise A Go-Go 05. Burger & Noodles06. And I Love You So 07. Secret Agent Man 08. I've Got a Woman 10. 09. Bob Bogle Medley 11. Walk Don't Run '64 12. Diamond Head/Pipeline 13. Black Sand Beach14. Driving Guitars 15. Yellow Jacket16. Miserlou 17. Shonan Boogie 18. Kimi To Itsumademo19. Caravan

GUITAR KIDS OF ETERNAL1999 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Runaway 02. Nutty 03. Moe Moe No Theme 04. Kanda River Twist 05. Keep Searchin' 06. Secret Agent Man 07. Kyoto Doll 08. Wanna Be Chet 09. Tabibiti Yo 10. Boomerang Baby 11. Yozora No Hoshi 12. Slaughter on 10th Avenue 13. Orange Blossom Special 14. Oyome Ni Oide 15. Wipe Out Bonus CD: 16. I Want You, I Need You 17. Can't Help Falling in Love 18. Love Me Tender (Yuzo)

PLUGGED & UNPLUGGED1999 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Aquarius02. Mr. Moto03. The House of the Rising Sun04. San Antonio Rose05. Keep Searchin'06. Slaughter on 10th Avenue07. Surf Rider08. Blue Star09. Manchurian Beat10. Diamond Head11. Can't Help Falling in Love12. Caravan

LIVE AT YAKULT HALL1999 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Let's Go02. Oh, Pretty Woman03. Alabama Jubilee04. Steel Guitar Rag05. Mr. Moto06. Spring Is Nearly Here07. Blue Star08. Ten Seconds to Heaven09. Yellow Jacket10. Slow Sundown11. Kawano Nagare No Youni12. Wipe Out13. Walk Don't Run14. San Antonio Rose15. I Got a Woman16. Classical Gas17. Driving Guitar18. Sleepwalk19. Pink Panther Theme20. Secret Agent Man21. Aquarius22. Caravan23. Blues A24. Pipeline

LIVE AT BLUES ALLEY1999 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. The Cruel Sea02. Yellow Jacket03. Bulldog04. Slaughter on 10th Avenue05. Alabama Jubilee06. Orange Blossom Special07. El Bimbo08. Diamond Head09. Wipe Out10. Walk Don't Run/Perfidia/Lullaby...11. Nutty12. More13. Pipeline14. Caravan15. Brazil16. Classical Gas17. Theme from Come September18. Go-Go Slow19. Honky Tonk20. Journey to the Stars21. Misty22. Needles and Pins23. Nola24. Walk Don't Run

PICKIN´IT UP2000 / U.S. RELEASE01. Salt Creek02. Dance with Me03. Joy04. Peaceful Easy Feeling05. Alabama Jubilee06. What I Want to Tell You07. Chekokee Smoke08. Leona09. I Got a Woman10. Fools Rush In11. Too Young12. Orange Blossom Special

NO BOUNDARIES2001 / U.S. RELEASE01. New Kid in Town02. Viva America03. The Water Is Wide04. Love Will Keep Us Alive05. Go Go Guitars06. Vincent07. The Best of My Love08. Pipeline09. Color My World10. El Cumbanchero11. Hotel California12. Living La Vida Loca13. Shadows in the Dark14. Walk in the Park15. Turkey for Two

SLAUGHTER ON 10TH AVENUE1999 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Diamond Head02. Pipeline03. The House of the Rising Sun04. Driving Guitars05. Caravan06. Apache07. Cherokee08. Slaughter on 10th Avenue09. Bulldog10. Perfidia11. Secret Agent Man12. Hawaii Five-013. S.W.A.T.14. Begin the Beguine15. Lucille16. Steel Guitar Rag17. Ghost Riders in the Sk18. Was Ich Dir Sagen Will19. Yozora No Hoshi20. Blue Star

HITCHHIKER2003 / U.S. RELEASEHitchhikerMy LifeThe Last FarewellEver Now and ThenSteeplechase LaneSailsCosmic Square DanceGood Time CharlieQuiet EyesReady for the Time to Get Young ThingMarguerita on the RocksCascadeCanadian PacificJust the Way You Are

NOKIE WITH ADVENTURE2003 / HOLLAND RELEASEI Got a WomanSt. James InfirmaryTequila SunriseAutumn LeavesI'm Walkin' (vocal)SomethingDelilahMiss JudyNikitaTurn the Cards Slowly (vocal)Everybody's TalkingEight Days a WeekI WillMrs. RobinsonDriving Wheel (vocal)It's Now or NeverWalk Don't Run (live)Wipe Out/Let's Go (live)

HITCHHIKER HEALS HEARTS2004 / JAPANESE RELEASEWalk Don/t Run / I Saw Her...Rap City / Help!Tears in Heaven / DanielCalifornia Dreamin' / Hawaii...The Shadow of... / House of...Unchained Melody / MoreSlaughter / Pipeline / DiamondSecret Agent Man / Going HomeVincent / Blue StarSummertime / Pink PantherBonus: Christmas Time Is HereChristmas Eve

NOKIE PLAYS 50´s 60´s 70´s2005 / U.S. RELEASEGreat Balls of FireMona LisaLove Me TenderBlack NightHeartbreak HotelEasy Livin'Tie a Yellow RibbonGet DownSingDianaLove Letters in the SandJailhouse RockOut of the QuestionToo YoungHighway Star

CROSSOVER2005 / U.S. RELEASESinbadBeach BalconyDon't Wanna CryStardust of LoveCentral FreewayShonan BoogieStarry NightDancing All NightPlayback, Part 2Bang BangLoveLast SambaEveryone's GoneChristmas EveOne More Dream

JUST DOING MY JOB2006 / U.S. RELEASERuby Don't Take Your Love...Ram-Bunk ShowsOh My LoveBlack OrpheusLady MadonnaUnchain My HeartWhen a Man Loves a WomanGimmie Some Lovin'The LetterWe're All AloneTwist De Gi AmantiRamblin' ManFrom Russia with LoveMy Heart Will Go OutFire on the Mountain

THE GOLDEN FINGERS2007 / U.S. RELEASEFireWhat a Wonderful WorldAll in Love Is FairThe Night the Lights Went Out in...MasqueradeStatue of a FoolBorn to Be WildI just Called to Say I Love YouDays of Wine and RosesJust the Two of UsOne Night at a TimeSweet DreamsGoldfingerMoonlight Sonota - Ode to JoyListen to the Music

PLAYS GOSPEL MUSIC2003 / U.S. RELEASEOver in the GlorylandHow Great Thou ArtWayfaring StrangerLeaning on the Everlasting ArmsAmazing GraceI'll Fly AwayWhat a Friend We Have in JesusOn the Road to Kingdom ComePrecious MemoriesLast HighwayI Saw the LightJust a Closer Walk with Thee

JUST FOR JAKE2003 / U.S. RELEASESmokie Mountain RainShenandoahAutumn LeavesSuspicious MindsHave I Told You LatelyCity of New OrleansAlmost Like a SongMrs. RobinsonThe Look of LoveBobbie McGeeNo Tears in HeavenWobe GoneBoth Sides NowMiss JudyAubreyLa Marcelaise

70TH ANNIVERSARY LIVE2006 / JAPANESE RELEASEWalk Don't RunTelstarDriving GuitarsManchurian BeatYellow JacketSecret Agent ManOut of LimitsI Got a WomanWakare No AsaWipe OutSlaughter on 10th AvenueOh My LoveTennessee Waltz (vocal)Stranger in Midosuji (vocal)Mr. MotoBlack Sand BeachSleep WalkHawaii Five-0House of the Rising SunDiamond HeadPipelineCaravanTears in Heaven/Daniel

SUPER BEST2008 / JAPANESE RELEASEDisc 1: LivePipelineCaravanBulldogSlaughter on 10th AvenueDiamond HeadWalk Don't Run/Perfidia/Lullaby...NuttyJourney to the StarsMoreHonky TonkThe Cruel SeaGo-Go SlowNeedles and PinsTheme from "Come September"Orange Blossom SpecialLet's GoOh Pretty WomanAlabama JubileeMr. MotoSpring Is Nearly HereBlue StarYellow JacketKawa No Nagare No YouniWipe OutSleepwalkPink Panther Theme

GUITAR MESSAGE2008/ JAPANESE RELEASERam-Bunk-ShushOh My LoveBlack OrpheusLady MadonnaThe LetterPipelineHitchhikerLiving La Vida LocaAmazing GraceAutumn LeavesEl CumbancheroWhat a Wonderful WorldGreat Balls of FireBlack NightFirst Snow MemoryMasquerade

NOKIE´S CLASSICS2008 / U.S. RELEASESea CruiseProud MaryLay DownLyin' EyesPretty WomanMustang SallySunshine of My LifeDanielBlack Magic WomanCryingGreen RiverHold OnDone Somebody Wrong Song

HITCHIN´A RIDE2009 / U.S. RELEASEHighway 40 BluesWorking Man BluesAlabama JubileeHitchin' A RideOne Last ChanceMiss JudyBear CountryLong Black TrainCherokee SmokeMad RussianBaby's Coming HomeI Got A Woman

LIVE AT LA ME STUDIOS2008 / U.S. RELEASETwistSummertimeProud MaryThe Shadow of Your SmileHearts of StoneGirl from IpanemaMatch BoxMoreGeorgia on My MindLuv Band BluesMistyTwist (reprise)

VENTURESMANIA2012 / U.S. RELEASE01. The Lonely Matador 02. Mutant Bem 03. Shed Me No Tears 04. Gunfight At The Nokie Corral 05. Do The Frank Sidebottom 06. Johnny Remember Me 07. Bound & Sidejacked Again 08. Honest Engine 09. Shoreline Gold 10. Fidelio 11. Nancy's Minuet 12. Rightside Faster 13. A Piece Of The Action 14. Sin A Lonely City 15. Bye Bye Billy Jet 16. Sweetheart Deal.

A SURF 'N' SWING CHRISTMAS2000 / U.S. RELEASE01. Deck the Halls02. Silver Bells03. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear04. The Gift of Love05. Peace in the Valley06. Swan Lake Christmas07. O Holy Night08. Silent Night09. Christmas Carol Rock10. O Little Town of Bethlehem11. The Toy Yodeler12. A Closer Walk13. The Bells of St. Mary's14. New Year's Rendezvous

A TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES2004 / U.S. RELEASEI Saw Her Standing ThereHelp!Can't Buy Me LoveMichelleShe Loves YouEight Days a WeekAnd I Love HerA Hard Day's NightHey JudeWe Can Work It OutLet It BeYesterdayPenny LaneSomethingI Feel Fine

GUITARS OVER TEXAS2003 / U.S. RELEASEWalk Don't RunPipelineAmerica The BeautifulThe House of the Rising SunIn the MoodTelstarSecret Agent ManSong of JoyBig BeaverCaravanSlaughter on Tenth AvenueWipe-OutThe Great Speckled BirdUnder the Double EagleI Got A WomanRehearsal and Session Talk

ADVENTURES IN SWING2000 / U.S. RELEASEI'm Walkin'Welcome to My WorldTumbling TumbleweedI Love You BecauseBeer Barrell PolkaAmarillo by MorningLonesome TownFaded LovePanhandle RagA Fool Such as IFrauleinYour Cheatin' HeartOrange Blossom Special

GUITAR BAND CLASSICS2004 / JAPANESE RELEASEHawaii Five-0El CumbancheroDriving GuitarsNuttyAmerica the BeautifulSeafoam Green Guitars Sleep WalkOut of LimitsTequilaThe Star-Spangled Banner '04ApacheAmerica, My Country 'Tis of TheeTexas WomenThe Light Crust Doughboys Theme

SOUTHERN MEETS SOUL2005 / U.S. RELEASEEyes on the PrizeThe Church in the Wildwood (vocal)Wayfaring Stranger (vocal)Dare to Be Brave (vocal)Precious MemoriesO Mighty GodThe House of the Risen Son (vocal)Eyes on the Prize (reprise)[includes 5 additional tracks without Nokie on guitar]

TWANGING GUITARS2005 / U.S. RELEASEBig Boss ManBelieve MeMystery TrainHave a DrinkSince the TimeThat's All Right MamaI Wanna BeSession and Jam[includes 7 additional tracks without Nokie on guitar]

20TH CENTURY GOSPEL2004 / U.S. RELEASEOde to JoyThe Great Speckled BirdRailway to Heaven (vocal)America the BeautifulAmerica, My Country Higher Ground (vocal)[includes 8 additional tracks without Nokie on guitar]

PROMISE-KEEPING MAN2006 / U.S. RELEASEPromise-Keeping Man (vocal)There Is a Fountain (vocal)Hearts of Stone (vocal)Jesus Loves MeIs It Raining? (vocal)The Unclouded Day (vocal)Let Me Be (vocal)Go Tell It on the MountainDestiny (vocal)O Come All Ye FaithfulSee See Rider (vocal)Silent Night, Holy Night

DEEP ELLUM BLUES2006 / U.S. RELEASESee That My Grave Is Kept Clean Luv Band Blues See See Rider (vocal)The Midnight Special (vocal)Destiny Blues (vocal)Hearts of Stone (vocal)Pleasant Meadows Lane BluesMatch Box Blues

GOLDEN POP INSTRUMENTALS2006 / U.S. RELEASESummertime (vocal)MoreProud Mary (vocal)Girl from IpanemaTequilaThe Shadow of Your SmileTwist (vocal)CaravanGeorgia on My MindGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

GOSPEL PEOPLE LOVE REVUE2007 / U.S. RELEASEJesus Loves MeI Would Be TrueNear the CrossIs It Raining, Little FlowerNativity MedleyNow I Believe (What the Bible Told)Sending Me YouThe Uncloudy DayThere Is a FountainIf We Never Meet AgainJesus JoyWhere We'll Never Grow OldPromise-Keeping ManDestiny

NOKIE´S ROOTS MUSIC VOL.22008 / U.S. RELEASESea CruiseProud MaryLay DownLyin' EyesPretty WomanMustang SallySunshine of My LifeDanielBlack Magic WomanCryingGreen RiverHold OnDone Somebody Wrong Song

CHRISTMAS IN GUITARLAND2005 / U.S. RELEASEJingle Bell FuzzThe Little Drummer BoyPoor Little StraingerShout It from the HeavensHow Great Our JoyGod with UsThe Christmas SongBorn Our KingChristmas MelodiesStar Bright NightEvergreen A Go-GoThe Manger SongJingle Bell Fuzz (reprise)

HALL OF FAME SALUTE2008 / U.S. RELEASETelstarHawaii Five-0Walk Don't RunMoreApacheTequilaGirl from IpanemaSecret Agent ManShadow of Your SmileOut of LimitsGeorgia on My MindPipelineHouse of the Rising SunWipe OutCaravanSleep Walk

NOKIE´S ROOTS MUSIC2006 / U.S. RELEASEThe Star Spangled BannerOde to JoyPrecious MemoriesOrange Blossom SpecialAmerica the BeautifulTexas WomenJust a Closer Walk with TheeAlabama JubileeAmerica, My Country 'Tis of TheeThe Great Speckled BirdSeafoam Green GuitarsThe Light Crust Doughboy's Theme

The Ventures Discographie

SUPER BEST2008 / JAPANESE RELEASEDisc 2: StudioDriving GuitarsApacheHouse of the Rising SunPerfidiaHawaii Five-0S.W.A.T.LucilleGhost Riders in the SkyWas Ich Dir Sagen WillAquarius/The Flesh FailuresSan Antonio RoseKeep Searchin'Surf RiderManchurian BeatCan't Help Falling in LoveCaravan

MEL TAYLOR & THE MAGICS1966 / U.S. RELEASE01. From Russia with Love 02. Drums A Go-Go 03. The In Crowd 04. Bullseye 05. Bongo Rock 06. Skokiaan 07. Watermelon Man 08. Harlem Nocturne 09. A Taste of Honey 10. The Creeper 11. No Exit 12. Cherry Pink and Apple...

007 JAMES BOND2072 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Diamonds Are Forever02. Bondolero 03. Dr. No 04. Morning Glory 05. From Russia with Love 06. More Than Anything 07. Goldfinger08. Bond Street09. Thunderball 10. Casino Royale 11. You Only Live Twice 12. Pearl Diver

SUN, SEA AND LOVE2072 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Magic Night 02. Lonesome Old Town 03. Secret Affair 04. Cherry Blossom Time 05. Love Happy 06. Sand, Sea, and Love 07. Hachi No Musashi Wa Shindanosa 08. Daremo Shiranai 09. Wakare No Asa 10. Yoake No Yume 11. Aisuru Hito Wa Hitori 12. Manatsu No Arashi

MEL TAYLOR IN JAPAN2072 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Wild Dream 02. Lonely River 03. Night Lights 04. Soft Wind 05. Summer Rain and You've... 06. House of Tomorrow 07. Hoshi Wa Nandemo Shitteiru 08. Nangokutosa O Atonishite 09. Yoake No Wuta 10. Sayonara Wa Dance No... 11. Yuraku-chode Aimashoo 12. Kawa Wa Nagareru

ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN2073 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Long Train Runnin' 02. Daniel 03. Dueling Drums 04. It Never Rains in Southern California 05. Three Three & Nine Times 06. Killing Me Softly with His Song 07. You're So Vain 08. Reeling in the Years 09. Forever and a Day 10. Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the... 11. Sky-Ride 12. Roll Over Beethoven

SPOTLIGHT1983 / U.S. RELEASE01. I Can See Clearly Now 02. Classical Gas 03. Light My Fire 04. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In 05. Killing Me Softly06. Slaughter on 10th Avenue 07. Magic Night/Bondolero 08. Nagasaki M./Reflections in... 09. Roll Over Beethoven 10. Caravan

IN ACTION1996 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Drums A GoGo02. From Russia with Love03. The In Crowd04. Bullseye05. Bongo Rock06. Skoiaan07. Watermelon Man08. Harlem Nocturne09. Taste of Honey10. The Creeper11. No Exit12. Cherry Pink & Apple...CD Bonus Tracks:13. Young Man, Old Man14. I've Got My Love to Keep...15. Bang Bang Rhythm16. Spanish Armada

LIVE IN JAPAN ´731997 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Born to Be Wild02. I Can See Clearly Now03. Classical Gas04. Light My fire05. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In06. Killing Me Softly07. Telstar08. Rock & Roll Music10. 09. Wipeout11. Gimme Some Lovin'12. You're So Vain13. Long Train Running14. House of the Rising Sun15. Daniel16. Kyoto Doll/Midosuji17. Slaughter on 10th Avenue18. Magic Night/Bondolero19. Caravan20. Nagasaki M./Reflections in...21. Roll Over Beethoven

ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN2000 / U.S. RELEASE01. Long Train Runnin'02. Daniel03. Dueling Drums04. It Never Rains in Southern...05. Three Three and Nine Times06. Killing Me Softly07. You're So Vain08. Reeling the Years09. Forever and a Day10. Tie a Yellow Ribbon11. Sky-Ride12. Roll Over Beethoven

THE VERY BEST OF MEL TAYLOR2002 / U.S. RELEASE01. Reeling in the Years02. House of Tomorrow03. Hachino Musahi Was Shindanosa04. Love Happy05. Manatsu No Arashi06. Magic Night07. Sayonara Wa Dansu No Atoni08. Lonely River09. Night Lights10. Yoake No Uta11. Secret Affair12. Yoake No Yume13. Sand, Sea, and Love14. Wild Dream15. You're So Vain16. Roll Over Beethoven17. Goldfinger18. Bond Street19. Look of Love20. Bondolero21. From Russia with Love22. You Only Live Twice23. Thunderball

FRIENDS FRON A DISTANCE1992 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Long Road02. Sitting In Limbo03. Friends From A Distance04. After Midnight05. Cajun Melodies06. Ramblin' (instrumental)07. Reconciliation08. Our Love Is Good09. Sweet Sweet Surrender10. My Feet Don't Fail Me Now11. Sweet Dreams (instrumental)12. That's the Place

MEMORIES1997 / U.S. RELEASE01. Memories02. Wish I Knew A Woman03. The City04. Home In A Tree05. Separate Ways06. The Fighting Line07. Grandad08. Back From Korea09. Nobody Cares10. Play The Harp

BORN IN LOUISIANA1997 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Born in Louisiana02. Mean Old Frisco03. I Got Ramblin' on My Mind04. House of the Rising Sun05. Crazy About You Baby06. I Want to Go Tokyo07. My Babe Is Good to Me08. Sad Situation09. Chalk It Up10. Big Mamou11. Come on In My Kitchen12. No Parking Zone

MY GUITAR MEMORIES2002 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Blues de Texas (Introduction)02. Things That I Used to Do03. You Win Again04. Elvis Medley05. Wildwood Flower06. China Nights07. Last Train to Clarksville08. Evergreen09. In My Life10. Stormy Monday Blues11. You're So Vain12. I Believe What You Say13. Movin' On

T FOR THUMB2003 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. T for Thumb02. Chilli Pepper03. Ken Countyy Line04. Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues05. Oh! Girl06. Wichita Lineman

THE 5TH VENTURE2003 / HOLLAND RELEASE01. Issa's Treasure02. Rachel03. Catalina Sun04. Nightbird05. Hop Scotch06. St. James Infirmary07. Mark Don't Run08. Diamond Head09. Rainbow Girl10. Tsunami11. When You Wish Upon a Star12. Edge of Forever13. Bananaz14. Stormy Weather15. Gray Shadows16. The Jaguar17. Spider's Web18. Movin' and Groovin'19. Casa Blanco20. Third Man Theme21. Red Sunset

THE 5TH VENTURE2003 / U.S. RELEASE01. Blue Dawn02. Walk Don't Run03. Stormy Weather04. Moovin' and Groovin'05. Rachel06. Red Sunset07. St. James Infirmary08. The Jaguar09. Diamond Head10. Catalina Magic (Catalina Sun)11. Long Boards (Tsunami)12. Gray Shadows (Night Bird)13. Hop Scotch14. Premonition15. When You Wish Upon a Star16. Opus for Guitar in A Minor

The Bob Spalding Discographie

The Gerry McGee Discographie

The Mel Taylor Discographie

Nokie Edwards und seine Frau Judy (2011)

The Ventures (2012)Gerry McGeeBob SpaldingLeon TaylorDon WilsonNokie Edwards

The Ventures in Japan (1965): Hier gehören sie mit 50 Millionen verkaufter Alben noch heute zu den absoluten Superstars

NOKIE EDWARDS: Der Leadgitarrist der Ventures veröffentlichte bis heute mehr als sechzig Solo-Alben.

Les Paul und Nokie Edwards 




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