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The Ventures

The Ventures Discographie

THE VENTURES1961 / U.S. RELEASE01. The Shuck 02. Detour 03. Ram-Bunk-Shush 04. Hawaiian War Chant 05. Perfidia 06. Harlem Nocturn 07. Blue Tango 08. Ups 'n' down 09. Lonesome Town10. Torquay11. Wailin' 12. Moon of Manokoora

ANOTHER SMASH1961 / U.S. RELEASE01. Ghost Riders in the Sky 02. Wheels 03. Lonely Heart 04. Bulldog 05. Lullaby of the Leaves 06. Beyond the Reef 07. Raw-Hide 08. Meet Mr. Callahan 09. Trambone 10. Last Date 11. Ginchy 12. Josie

THE COLORFUL VENTURES1961 / U.S. RELEASE01. Blue Moon 02. Yellow Jacket 03. Bluer than Blue 04. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom 05. Green Leaves of Summer 06. Blue Skies 07. Greenfields 08. Red Top 09. White Silver Sands 10. Yellow Bird 11. Orange Fire 12. Silver City

TWIST WITH THE VENTURES1962 / U.S. RELEASE01. Driving Guitars (Ventures Twist) 02. The Twist 03. Road Runner 04. Gringo 05. Moon Dawg 06. Guitar Twist 07. Opus Twist08. Movin' and Groovin' 09. Sunny River 10. Let's Twist Again 11. Shanghied 12. Bumble Bee Twist

MASHED POTATOES1962 / U.S. RELEASE01. Lucille 02. Gravy 03. Hernando's Hideaway 04. Mashed Potato Time 05. Summertime 06. Hot Summer 07. Poison Ivy 08. The Wah-Watusi 09. Instant Mashed 10. Scratch 11. Hully Gully 12. Spudnik (Surf Rider)

THE VENTURES PLAY "TELSTAR"1963 / U.S. RELEASE01. Telstar 02. The Lonely Bull03. Mexico04. Calcutta 05. Apache 06. Never on Sunday 07. Tequila 08. Green Onions 09. Percolator 10. Red River Rock 11. Let There Be Drums 12. Last Night

GOING TO THE DANCE PARTY1962 / U.S. RELEASE01. Mr. Moto 02. Theme from Come September 03. Ya Ya Wobble 04. Night Drive 05. Venus 06. The Intruder 07. Gandy Dancer 08. Sweet and Lovely 09. Limbo Rock 10. Lolita Ya Ya 11. Loco-Motion 12. Gully-ver

B. VEE MEETS THE VENTURES1963 / U.S. RELEASE01. Goodnight Irene 02. Walk Right Back 03. Linda Lu 04. Caravan (instrumental) 05. What Else Is New 06. Candy Man 07. This Is Where Friendship Ends 08. Honeycomb 09. Pretty Girls Everywhere 10. Wild Night (instrumental) 11. I'm Gonna Sit Down and Write...12. If I'm Right or Wrong

SURFIN´1963 / U.S. RELEASE01. Pipeline 02. Diamonds 03. Windy and Warm 04. Ten Over 05. Surf Rider (Spudnik) 06. Changing Tides 07. The Ninth Wave 08. Party in Laguna 09. Barefoot Venture 10. The Heavies 11. Cruncher 12. The Lonely Sea

THE COUNTRY CLASSICS1963 / U.S. RELEASE01. Panhandle Rag 02. Wabash Cannonball 03. San Antonio rose 04. I Walk the Line 05. Wildwood Flower 06. I Can't Stop Loving You 07. Lovesick Blues 08. Steel Guitar Rag 09. You Are My Sunshine 10. Oh, Lonesome Me 11. Sugarfoot Rag 12. Born to Lose

LET´S GO!1963 / U.S. RELEASE01. Memphis 02. Let's Go 03. More 04. El Watusi 05. Walk Right In 06. Sukiyaki 07. New Orleans 08. So Fine 09. Wipe Out 10. Hot Pastrami 11. Runaway 12. Over the Mountains, Across the...

VENTURES IN SPACE1964 / U.S. RELEASE01. Out of Limits 02. He Never Came Back 03. Moon Child 04. One Step Beyond 05. Exploration in Terror 06. War of the Satellites 07. The Bat 08. Penetration 09. Love Goddess of Venus 10. Solar Race 11. The Fourth Dimension 12. Twilight Zone

THE FABULOUS VENTURES1964 / U.S. RELEASE01. Needles and Pins 02. Runnin' Wild 03. Eleventh Hour 04. The Cruel Sea 05. Scratchin' 06. Tall Cool One 07. Only the Young 08. Journey to the Stars 09. Fugitive 10. Ravin' Flue 11. Walkin' with Pluto 12. The Pink Panther Theme

KNOCK ME OUT!1965 / U.S. RELEASE01. I Feel Fine 02. Love Potion No. 9 03. Tomorrow's Love 04. Pretty Woman 05. Mariner IV 06. When You Walk in the Room 07. Gone, Gone, Gone 08. Slaughter on 10th Avenue 09. She's Not There 10. Lonely Girl 11. Bird Rockers 12. Sha La La

THE CHRISTMAS ALBUM1965 / U.S. RELEASE01. Sleigh Ride 02. Snow Flakes (What Child Is This?) 03. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 04. Jingle Bells 05. Jingle Bell Rock 06. Silver Bells 07. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer 08. Frosty the Snowman 09. Scrooge 10. Blue Christmas 11. We Wish You a Merry Christmas 12. White Christmas

TWIST PARTY - VOLUME 21962 / U.S. RELEASE01. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean 02. Twisted 03. The Twomp 04. Besame Mucho 05. Blue Tail Fly 06. Swanee River Twist 07. Instant Guitar 08. Dark Eyes Twist 09. Counterpoint 10. Kicking Around 11. Bluebird 12. Red Wing Twist

THE VENTURES ON STAGE1965 / U.S. RELEASE01. Wipe Out 02. Journey to the Stars 03. Slaughter on 10th Avenue 04. Caravan 05. Pedal Pusher 06. Apache '65 07. Bumble Bee 08. Driving Guitars (Ventures Twist) 09. Ventures Medley 10. Yellow Jacket

WHERE THE ACTION IS1966 / U.S. RELEASE01. Action 02. Lies 03. Fever 04. Stop Action 05. Three's a Crowd 06. A Taste of Honey 07. No Matter What Shape 08. Action Plus 09. Hang on Sloopy 10. Nutty 11. Little Bit of Action 12. She's Just My Style

PLAY BASS, VOLUME 41965 / U.S. RELEASE01. La Bamba02. Red River Valley03. A Lover's Concerto04. Shot Gun05. I Hear a Symphony06. Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

PLAY GUITAR, VOLUME 11965 / U.S. RELEASE01. Raunchy02. Tequila03. Memphis04. Walk, Don't Run

PLAY GUITAR, VOLUME 21965 / U.S. RELEASE01. Pipeline02. Wipe Out03. Let's Go04. Out of Limits

IN JAPAN1965 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Ventures Medley02. Driving Guitars03. Bulldog04. Pipeline05. Apache06. Slaughter on 10th Avenue07. Walk Don´t Run `6408. Bumble Bee09. Wipe Out10. Caravan

WALK, DON´T RUN VOLUME 21964 / U.S. RELEASE01. The House of the Rising Sun 02. Diamond Head 03. Night Train 04. Peach Fuzz 05. Rap City 06. Blue Star 07. Walk, Don't Run '64 08. Night Walk 09. One Mint Julep 10. Pedal Pusher 11. The Creeper 12. Stranger on the Shore

PLAY GUITAR, VOLUME 31965 / U.S. RELEASE01. Secret Agent Man02. Diamond Head03. No Matter What Shape04. A Taste of Honey

THE VENTURES A GO-GO1965 / U.S. RELEASE01. Satisfaction 02. Go-Go Slow 03. Louie, Louie 04. Night Stick 05. La Bamba 06. The "In" Crowd07. Wooly Bully08. A Go-Go Guitar 09. A Go-Go Dancer 10. The Swingin' Creeper 11. Whittier Boulevard 12. I Like It Like That

PLAY THE BATMAN THEME1966 / U.S. RELEASE01. Theme from "Batman" 02. Zocko!03. Joker's Wild04. The Cape 05. 00-711 06. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 07. Secret Agent Man 08. Hot Line 09. Vamp Camp 10. Up, Up, and Away 11. Theme from "Get Smart" 12. Green Hornet '66

GO WITH THE VENTURES1966 / U.S. RELEASE01. Green Grass 02. Ginza Lights 03. These Boots Are Made for Walkin 04. Frankie and Johnny 05. Ad-Venture 06. Monday, Monday 07. Good Lovin' 08. Eight Miles High 09. Escape 10. Sloop John B 11. Go 12. California Dreamin'

WILD THINGS!1966 / U.S. RELEASE01. Wild Thing 02. Fuzzy and Wild 03. Sweet Pea 04. Wild and Wooly 05. Wild Child 06. Summer in the City 07. The Pied Piper 08. Wild Trip 09. Hanky Panky 10. Wildcat 11. How Now Wild Cow 12. The Work Song

IN JAPAN, VOLUME 21966 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Cruel Sea02. Penetration03. I Feel Fine04. House of the Rising Sun05. Pink Panther Theme06. Out of Limits07 When You Walk in the Room08. Besame Mucho09. Journey to the Stars10. Rap City11. Mariner No. 412. Yellow Jacket13. Diamond Head14. Surf Rider

ALL ABOUT THE VENTURES LIVE1966 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Cruel Sea02. Penetration03. Bulldog04. I Feel Fine05. House of the Rising Sun06. Out of Limits07. Slaughter on 10th Avenue08. Besame Mucho Twist09. Love Potion No. 910. Walk Don't Run '6411. When You Walk in the Room12. Rap City13. Wipeout14. Ventures Medley15. The Lonely Bull16. Telstar17. Driving Guitars18. Mariner No. 419. Pink Panther Theme20. Yellow Jacket21. Apache22. Pipeline23. Surf Rider (Spudnik)24. Journey to the Stars25. Bumble Bee Twist26. Diamond Head27. Caravan

GUITAR FREAKOUT1967 / U.S. RELEASE01. Good Thing 02. High and Dry 03. Standing in the Shadow of... 04. Off on the 93rds 05. Cookout Freakout on Lookout 06. Wack Wack 07. Mod East 08. I'm a Believer 09. Guitar Freakout 10. Snoopy vs the Red Baron 11. Paper Airplane 12. Theme from "Wild Angels"

SUPER PSYCHEDELICS1967 / U.S. RELEASE01. Strawberry Fields Forever 02. Psychedelic Venture 03. Western Union 04. Guitar Psychedelics 05. Kandy Koncoction 06. Reflections 07. A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You 08. Endless Dream 09. Vibrations 10. Psyched Out 11. 1999 A.D. 12. Happy Together

GOLDEN GREATS1967 / U.S. RELEASE01. Telstar 02. The Lonely Bull 03. Rebel Rouser 04. Honky Tonk 05. Let's Go 06. Pipeline 07. Walk, Don't Run 08. Tequila 09. Apache 10. Wipe Out 11. Memphis 12. Out of Limits

$ 1,000,000 WEEKEND1967 / U.S. RELEASE01. What Now My Love 02. Georgy Girl 03. Ode to Billy Joe 04. Sunny 05. Respect 06. To Sir, with Love 07. Music to Watch Girls By 08. Groovin' 09. Windy 10. Sealed with a Kiss 11. Uptight 12. Yesterday

PLAY GUITAR, VOLUME 71967 / U.S. RELEASE01. Louie, Louie02. Honky Tonk03. Peter Gunn04. Night Train

ON STAGE ENCORE1967 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. La Bamba02. A Taste of Honey03. Secret Agent Man04. California Dreamin'05. Batman Theme06. Man from U.N.C.L.E.07. Ginza Lights08. Kimito Itsumademo09. Yozora No Hoshi10. 00-71111. Wipe Out '66

POPS IN JAPAN1967 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Blue Chateau02. Hallelujah03. Sentimental Guitar04. Wakareta Hitoto05. Tokyo Nights06. Slow Sundown07. Hokkaido Skies08. Kono Tenohirani Aio09. Rainy Pavement10. Yokohama Lights11. Black Sand Beach12. Road to Somewhere

FLIGHTS OF FANTASY1968 / U.S. RELEASE01. Mighty Quinn 02. Innermotion Faze 03. The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde 04. Walking the Carpet 05. Flights of Fantasy06. Soul Coaxing07. Green Light 08. Cry Like a Baby 09. Fly Away 10. Love Shower 11. Summertime Blues12. Scarborough Fair

THE HORSE1968 / U.S. RELEASE01. The Horse 02. Here Comes the Judge 03. Licking Stick 04. Crazy Horse 05. The Gallop 06. Grazing in the Grass 07. Walk, Don't Run/Land of 1.000 08. Soul Breeze 09. Jumpin' Jack Flash 10. Choo Choo Train 11. Horse Power 12. Tip Toe Through the Tulips

LIVE AGAIN1968 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Blue Chateau02. Hokkaido Skies (v. by C. Okumura)03. Black Sand Beach04. A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You05. Wooly Bully06. Ginza Lights07. Sentimental Guitar08. La Bamba09. California Dreamin'10. A Taste of Honey11. Slow Sundown12. Diamond Head '67

POPS IN JAPAN NO.21968 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Max A GoGo02. Koyubi No Omoide03. Kirino Kanatani04. Koi05. Blue Fountain06. Ano Hito07. Red Hot Sun08. Aozora Ne Arukagiri09. Kagayaku Hoshi10. Kazega Nauteiru11. Lonely City12. Bombay Duck

IN TOKYO ´681968 / JAPANESE REALEASE01. Let's Go02. Telstar03. Yesterday/Flint Hill04. Born Free05. Caravan06. Bonnie & Clyde07. Taste of Honey08. Ode to Billy Joe09. Wipeout10. Pipeline11. House of the Rising Sun12. Apache13. Walk Don't Run

UNDERGROUND FIRE1969 / U.S. RELEASE01. Underground Fire 02. Embers in E Minor 03. Sea of Grass 04. Higher Than Thou 05. Up, Up, and Down 06. Country Funk and the Canned Heat 07. Born to Be Wild 09. 08. Sunshine of Your Love 10. The Weight 11. Light My Fire 12. Down on Me 13. Fire

HAWAII FIVE-O1969 / U.S. RELEASE01. Hawaii Five-O 02. Lovin' Things 03. Galveston 04. The Letter 05. Don't Give in to Him 06. Theme from "A Summer Place" 07. Spooky/Traces/Stormy 08. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In 09. Games People Play 10 In Can Hear Music 11. Dizzy

SWAMP ROCK1969 / U.S RELEASE01. Carry Me Back 03. 02. Honky Tonk Women 04. Muddy Mississippi Line 05. Jambalaya 06. Swamp Rock 07. Niki Hoeky 08. Green River 09. Suspicious Minds 10. Catfish Mud Dance 11. Proud Mary 12. Gumbot 13. Plaquemines Parish

10TH ANNIVERSARY ALBUM1970 / U.S. RELEASE01. Everybody's Talkin' 02. Sweet Caroline03. Michelle04. Who'll Stop the Rain/Bad...05. Good Morning Starshine 06. Bridge Over Troubled Water 07. Eleanor Rigby 08. Sound of Silence 09. Strangers in the Night 10. Those Were the Days 11. Mac Arthur Park 12. Blowin' in the Wind/Don't... 13. Up, Up, and Away14. By the Time I Get to Phoenix15. Raindrops Keep Falling on...16. Let It Be 17. Sugar, Sugar18. Never My Love 19. Delilah 20. Hey Jude 21. Spinning Wheel

GOLDEN POPS1970 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Kyoto Doll02. Midnight Guitar03. Forbidden Love04. Sometimes I Feel Longing05. Wanderer06. On a Narrow Street07. Scat in the Dark08. Reflections in a Palace Lake09. Why Do You Mind10. Suddenly Someday11. Wakareta Hitoto

LIVE1970 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Kyoto Doll02. Paint It Black03. Blowin' in the Wind/Don't Think...04. Light My Fire05. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In06. Classical Gas07. Honky Tonk Woman08. Who'll Stop the Rain09. Bad Moon Rising10. Born to be Wild11. Kyoto Doll (vocal)12. Proud Mary13. House of the Rising Sun

NEW TESTAMENT1971 / U.S. RELEASE01. Good Morning, Captain 02. Testament 03. Free 04. Oye Como Va 05. Wild World 06. Katana 07. Whole Lotta Love 08. What Is Life 09. Novios Para Siempre 10. Spirit 11. She's a Lady 12. Pesado

POPS IN JAPAN ´711971 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Misty Night02. To Be Together Again03. Mata Au Hi Made04. Hanayome05. Naruto06. Nagasaki Memories07. Spring of Love08. Stranger in Midoosuji09. Daremo Inai Umi10. Saihate Bojo11. Nagoya Express12. Electric Monsoon13. Shiretoko of Hokkaido

ON STAGE ´711971 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Kyoto Doll02. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In03. Paint It Black04. Light My Fire05. Classical Gas06. Born to Be Wild07. Kyoto Doll (vocal)08. House of the Rising Sun09. Free10. Caravan11. Fire12. Walk Don't Run13. Apache14. Manchurian Beat15. Diamond Head16. Pipeline17. Slaughter on 10th Avenue

THEME FROM "SHAFT"1972 / U.S. RELEASE01. Theme from "Shaft" 02. Peace Train 03. Thunder Cloud 04. Gimme Some Lovin' 05. Indian Sun 06. Deep, Deep in the Water 07. Gypsys, Tramps, and Thieves 08. Two Divided by Love 09. Tight Fit 10. I'm a Man 11. Nevery My Love 12. Cherries Jubilee

JOY: THE CLASSICS1972 / U.S. RELEASE01. Beethoven's Sonata in C 02. One Fine Day (Un Bel Di) 03. In a Persian Market 04. Swan Lake 05. Bach's Prelude 06. Peter and the Wolf 07. Mozart Forty 08. Joy 09. Elise 10. Ravel's Pavane 11. Mozart's Minuet 12. Melody of Joy

ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER1972 / U.S. RELEASE01. Honky Tonk - Parts 1 and 2 02. Last Night 04. 03. Smokie 05. Rumble 06. You Can't Sit Down 07. Ram-Bunk Shush 08. 20-75 09. Guitar Boogie Shuffle 10. Raunchy 11. Soul Twist 12. Sleep Walk

ON STAGE ´721972 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run02. Caravan03. Proud Mary04. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In05. Slaughter on 10th Avenue06. Bulldog07. Kyoto Doll/Paint It Black08. Manchurian Beat09. Pipeline10. Apache11. Gimmie Some Loving12. House of the Rising Sun13. I'm a Man14. Theme from "The Godfather"15. Honky Tonk16. Midoosuji17. Wipeout18. Cruel Sea19. Ginza Lights20. Diamond Head

ONLY HITS1973 / U.S. RELEASE01. Also Sprach Zarathustra 02. Hummingbird/Summerbreeze 03. Get Down 04. Soul Makoosa 05. My Love 06. Cisco Kid 07. Killing Me Softly 08. Oh Babe, What Would You Say 09. Yesterday Once More 10. Superstition 11. Last Tango in Paris 12. Dueling Banjos 13. Live and Let Die 14. The Morning After 15. Drift Away 16. Alone Again, Naturally 17. I Can See Clearly Now 18. Finders Keepers 19. The Twelfth of Never 20. Frankenstein 21. The Night the Lights Went Out in 22. Georgia 23. Are You Man Enough 24. You Are the Sunshine of My Life

ON STAGE ´731973 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Walk Don't Run02. Classical Gas03. Cruel Sea04. California Dreamin'05. I'm a Man06. Kyoto Doll/Paint It Black07. Apache08. Pipeline09. Manchurian Beat10. Gimmie Some Lovin'11. Jambalaya12. Honky Tonk13. Runaway14. Diamond Head15. Skylab16. Oh, My Love17. Kyoto Doll/Midoosuji (vocal)18. Slaughter on 10th Avenue19. House of the Rising Sun20. Wipeout21. Driving Guitars22. Caravan

POPS IN JAPAN ´731973 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Gakusio Gai No Kissaten02. Between Stage03. Wait for Me04. Seto No Hanayome05. Prima Vera06. Dreams of Yesterday07. Tadoritsuitara Itsumo08. Night of Our Trip09. Don't Leave Me10. I Want You to Love Me Tonight11. Sapporo Summer12. Oriental Love Song13. Summer Affair14. Oh, My Love

THE JIM CROCE SONGBOOK1974 / U.S. / RELEASE01. I Got a Name 02. Bad Bad Leroy Brown 03. I Have to Say I Love You 04. Lover's Cross 05. It Doesn't Have to Be That Way 06. Age 07. Time in a Bottle 08. Don't Mess Around with Jim 09. One Less Set of Footsteps 10. Operator 11. Five Short Minutes 12. Speedball Tucker

PLAY THE CARPENTERS1974 / U.S. RELEASE01. We've Only Just Begun 02. Yesterday Once More 03. It's Going to Take Some Time 04. Bless the Beasts and Children 05. Top of the World 06. Sing 07. Superstar 08. Close to You 09. Hurting Each Other 10. Rainy Days and Mondays 11. Jambalaya 12. Goodbye to Love

ON STAGE ´741974 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Long Train Running02. Apache03. Caravan04. Pipeline05. Wipeout06. Carpenters Medley07. Alone Again Today08. Morning Glow09. If You Go Away10. Band on the Run11. Samovar12. If13. You Are the Sunshine14. Pied Piper15. Jambalaya16. Born to Be Wild17. Reflections in a Palace Lake18. La Bamba19. Midoosuji20. Blue Chateau21. Telstar22. Sentimental Guitar23. Walk Don't Run Medley24. Ginza Lights25. When You Walk in the Room26. Fugitive27. House of the Rising Sun28. Classical Gas29. Kyoto Doll30. Japanese Medley31. Slaughter on 10th Avenue32. Manchurian Beat

BEST OF THE VENTURES1975 / U.S. RELEASE01. Walk, Don't Run 02. Out of Limts 03. Tequila 04. Apache 05. Ram-Bunk-Shush 06. Hawaii Five-0 07. Perfidia 08. Telstar 09. Rebel Rouser 10. Wipe Out

NOW PLAYING1975 / U.S. RELEASE01. Also Sprach Zarathustra 02. Everybody's Talkin' 03. The Man with the Golden Gun 04. Last Tango in Paris 05. Theme from Shaft 06. Sound of Silence 07. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 08. Georgy Girl 09. Theme from "Airport '75" 10. The Morning After 11. Live and Let Die 12. The Pink Panther Theme 13. Dueling Banjos 14. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head 15. The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde 16. Theme from "Lawrence of Arabia"

15 YEARS OF JAPANESE POPS1975 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Kuroi Hanabira (Black Petals)02. Kimi Koishi (Wanna See You)03. Konnichiwa Akachan (Hello My...04. Omoide No Nagisa (Lonely...05. Kirino Mashuku (Stormy...06. Tenshi No Yuuwaku (Angel...07. Chiisana Snack (Little Snack)08. Kyoo De Owakare (Can't See...09. Kuchinashi No Hana10. Yozora (Night Sky)11. Kokoro Moyou12. Erimo Misaki13. Futari De Osake O14. Tsuioku15. Waga Yoki Tomo Yo

ON STAGE ´751975 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Keep Japan Beautiful02. Yesterday03. I Gotta Woman04. Slaughter on 10th Avenue05. Kimito Itsumademo06. House of the Rising Sun07. Apache08. Pipeline09. Caravan10. Fire11. Cruel Sea12. Blue Star13. Bulldog14. Goodbye Rock & Roll15. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In16. Wipeout17. Diamond Head18. Manchurian Beat19. Hawaii Five-020. Feelings21. Imagination22. Lady Marmalade23. I Got the Music24. Ventures Medley25. Secret Agent Man26. Japanese Medley

YUYA UCHIDA MEETS THE...1975 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Ready Teddy02. Lucille03. Hound Dog04. Slaughter on 10th Avenue05. Diana06. Goodbye Rock & Roll07. Dance All Night08. When the Saints Go Marching In09. Linda Lou10. Lonesome Town11. Ventures Song12. Rip It Up13. Johnny B. Goode

THE NEW VENTURES1976 / U.S. RELEASE01. Moonlight Serenade 02. Daylight 03. Temptation, Temptation 04. Superstar Revue 05. The Stroke06. Step Out 07. Gotta Be Stronger

ON STAGE ´761976 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Bulldog02. Let's Go03. Driving guitars04. Walk Don't Run Medley05. Japanese Medley06. Beautiful Sunday07. This Land Is Your Land08. Yesterday09. Dixie/Duelling Banjoes10. Wipeout11. Slaughter on 10th Avenue12. House of the Rising Sun13. Diamond Head14. Sunflower '7615. Those Were the Days16. Never Can Say Goodbye17. Apache18. Pipeline19. Caravan

TV THEMES1977 / U.S. RELEASE01. Charlie's Angels 02. Medical Center 03. Star Trek 04. Streets of San Francisco 05. Starsky and Hutch 06. Baretta's Theme 07. Hawaii Five-0 08. S.W.A.T. 09. Police Story 10. M*A*S*H 11. Police Woman 12. Nadia's Theme (Young and...

LIVE IN JAPAN ´771977 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Manchurian Beat02. My Bonnie Lies03. Peace Pipe04. Out of Limits05. Sea Cruise06. Wheels07. Memphis08. Rock & Roll Medley09. Roll Over Beethoven10. Green Onions11. Ventures Medley12. Kyoto Doll13. I Gotta Woman14. Yesterday15. Cruel Sea16. Telstar17. Bulldog18. Japanese Medley19. Driving Guitars20. Wipeout21. Slaughter on 10th Avenue22. Runaway23. Diamond Head24. Hawaii Five-025. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In26. California Dreamin'27. House of the Rising Sun28. Apache29. Pipeline30. Caravan

SURFIN´ USA ´781978 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Surfin' USA '7802. Endless Summer03. Walk Don't Run '6404. Pipeline05. Wipeout06. Diamond Head07. Rap City08. Party in Laguna09. Barefoot Venture10. Surf Rider11. Cruel Sea12. Escape13. Changing Tides14. Yellow Jacket

IN SPACE ´781978 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Out of LImits02. He Never Came Back03. Moon Child04. Fear (One Step Beyond)05. War of the Satellites06. Exploration in Terror07. The Bat08. Penetration09. Love Goddess of Venus10. Solar Race11. 4th Dimension12. Twilight zone13. Skylab14. 2001: A Space Odyssey15. Journey to the Stars16. Blue Star17. Telstar18. Spudnik (Surf Rider)19. lights of Fantasy20. Walkin' with Pluto21. Ghost Riders in the Sky22. The Stranger23. Eleventh Hour24. Mariner No. 425. Genesis26. Star Wars27. Close Encounters

ON STAGE ´781978 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Cruel Sea02. Let's Go03. Walk Don't Run Medley04. Lucille05. Blue Sunset06. Japanese Medley07. Telstar08. Manchurian Beat09. Driving guitars10. Alabama Jubilee11. And I Love Her12. Wipeout13. Surf Rider14. Slaughter on 10th Avenue15. Surfin' USA '7816. Black Sand Beach17. Kyoto Doll/Paint It Black18. Walk Don't Run '6419. Hawaii Five-020. Diamond Head21. House of the Rising Sun22. Apache23. Pipeline24. Caravan

THE LATIN ALBUM1979 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Breeze & I02. Your03. Begin the Beguine04. Peanut Vendor05. Spanish Eyes06. Brazil07. It's Impossible08. Poinciana09. El Condor Pasa10. Green Eyes11. Delicado12. Guantanamera13. Quando Caliente El Sol

ORIGINAL FOUR1979 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Movin'02. Diamond Head03. Walk Don't Run '6404. House of the Rising Sun05. Slaughter on 10th Avenue06. Wipeout07. Last Space Train08. Pipeline09. Caravan10. Cruel Sea11. California Dreamin'12. Driving Guitars

GREATEST HITS1980 / U.S. RELEASE01. Rebel Rouser02. Ghost Riders in the Sky03. Raunchy04. Memphis05. House of the Rising Sun06. Wipeout07. Slaughter on 10th Avenue08. Driving Guitars09. Bulldog10. Walk Don't Run11. Walk Don't Run '6412. Apache13. Pipeline14. Telstar15. Tequila16. Wheels17. Bumble Bee Rock18. Perfidia19. Let's Go20. Green Onions21. Rock Nuts22. Secret Agent Man23. Guitar Boogie Shuffle24. Caravan25. Sleepwalk26. Diamond Head

RARE COLLECTION1980 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. El Cumbanchero02. Lady of Spain03. Skip To M'Limbo04. 2000 Pound Bee, Parts 1 & 205. Damaged Goods06. Coming Home Baby07. Green Hornet '6608. Genesis09. Gemini10. Skylab11. On the road12. Too Young to Know13. Karelia14. What'd I Say (vocal)15. Sally (vocal)16. Feel So Fine (vocal)17. Behind Those Stained Glass Windows (vocal)18. T'aint Funny (vocal)19. Angel (vocal)20. Don't Avoid me (vocal)21. Tell Laura I Love Her (vocal)22. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (vocal)23. Pandora's Box24. Arabesque25. Store Front Lawyers26. Dick Tracy Theme27. Kern County Line28. The Mercenary (long intro)29. Endless Summer

CHAMELEON1980 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Goldfinger02. At the Swimming Pool03. Sutekina Flamingo04. Pike05. Ginza Ska06. No Smoking07. Washington Square08. Mushuku 09. Octopus Tree10. Mecca11. Surfing USSR12. Salty Dog

SUPER LIVE ´801980 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Hawaii Five-002. Walk, Don't Run03. Classical Gas04. Japanese Medley05. Ghost Riders in the Sky06. The Cruel Sea07. Manchurian Beat08. House of the Rising Sun09. Apache10. I Got a Woman/Yesterday11. Pipeline12. Wipe Out13. Goldfinger14. Theme from "No Smoking"15. Washington Square16. Mushuku17. Ginza Ska18. Runaway (vocal)19. Surfin' USSR20. Sutekena Flamingo21. Pike (vocal)22. Slaughter on 10th Avenue23. Telstar24. Diamond Head25. Caravan

TOKYO CALLIN´1981 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Yozora No Hoshi (Neue Version)*02. Blue Sunset (Yuhi Wa Akaku)03. Shiroi Suna No Shojo04. Uruwashiki Otome Tachi05. Aoi Hoshikuzu06. Kimito Itsumademo (Neue Version)*07. Blue Eyes08. Chiisana Snack (Neue Version)*09. Blue Chateau (Neue Version)*10. Emerald No Densetsu11. Silvie My Love12. Omoide No Nagisa (Neue Version)*

POPS IN JAPAN ´811981 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Dancing All Night02. Miserate03. Sneaker Blues04. Junko05. Nemurenu Yoru06. Midnight Tonight07. Twilight08. Music Box Dancer09. Aoi Sangosho10. Sexy Night11. Ihojin12. Until the End

60s POP1981 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Whittier Boulevard 02. Johnny Angel03. Rhythm of the Rain04. Black Sand Beach05. Lipstick on Your Collar06. Hey Paula07. Comin' Home Baby08. Save the Last Dance for Me09. Runaway10. Penetration11. It's My Party12. One Way Ticket

HOLLYWOOD METAL DINAMIC 1981 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Reddy Teddy02. Lucille03. Hound Dog04. Diana05. Goodbye Rock & Roll06. Dance the Night Away07. When the Saints Go Marching In08. Linda Lou09. Lonesome Town10. House of the Rising Sun 11. Rip It Up12. Johnny B. Goode

STARS ON GUITARS1982 / U.S. RELEASE01. Stars On Guitars (medley)02. Two Thousand Pound Bee03. Blue Dawn04. Spindrift05. Stompers

LAST ALBUM ON LIBERTY1982 / JAPANESE RELEASE01. Warm Hearts02. Papa03. Summer Concerto04. I Will Never Leave You05. Nightly News Theme06. Speeding through Space07. Victoria Station08. Really Something Nice09. Don't Say Goodbye10. Springtime Love11. Mizu Wari12. I'll Be Yours Forever13. Hollywood Punk14. Walk Don't Run '7715. Peace Pipe16. Amanda's Theme17. The Way You Look Tonight18. Tomorrow


01. Morgen / 02. Raunchy / 03. Home / 04. Tara's Theme / 05. The Switch 06. Walk, Don't Run / 07. Night Train / 08. No Trespassing / 09. Caravan 10. Sleep Walk / 11. The McCoy / 12. Honky Tonk

Die VENTURES haben in ihrer langen Karriere mehr als 200 Alben veröffentlicht. So viele wie keine andere Instrumentalband. In den USA landeten fast vierzig ihrer Alben in den Charts. Sie verkauften weltweit mehr als 110 Millionen Tonträger und zählen heute zu den erfolgreichsten Bands weltweit. 1959 tourten die beiden Gitarristen Bob Bogle und Don Wilson mit verschiedenen Begleitbands durch Washington und Idaho. Nachdem ein Demo-Tape vom Plattenstudio „Liberty Records“ abgelehnt wurde, gründeten Bogle und Wilson ein eigenes Label mit dem Namen „Blue Horizon“. Nach der Veröffentlichung der Single „Cookies and Coke“ engagierten sie den Bassisten (!) Nokie Edwards und den Schlagzeuger Skip Moore und beschlossen, eine Instrumental-Rock-Band zu gründen.1960 veröffentlichten sie die "Single Walk, Don’t Run. Die Single wurde ein lokaler Erfolg. „Dolton Records“, ironischerweise der Besitzer der Studios "Liberty Records", nahm die Single unter Lizenz und bis zum Sommer 1960 stand sie auf Platz 2 der US-amerikanischen Charts hinter "It’s Now or Never" von Elvis Presley. Howie Johnson löste nun Moore am Schlagzeug ab und die Ventures begannen die Aufnahmen für ihr Debütalbum "WALK, DON´T RUN".

Die aktuelle Ventures-Story ist derzeit in Arbeit. Bitte haben sie noch etwas Geduld. 




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